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Multi Dimensional Priestess immersion Launch


Beautiful souls,

As many of you know I have been guided through personal initiation to create my new offering.

This was literally an upgrade on all levels!

I heard the call and took the action.

So many are done.  Fully done.  Not half done!  With the the old constructs, stories, looping patterns and victim consciousness!

They have felt there is more and a different way of doing things but haven’t been able to access it.

There is a feeling of deep soul knowledge hidden but that in 3d reality you are just learning the same things over and over without change.

I want to show you a different way.

A way that you start to become the architect of your life.

One where you tap into the depth of wisdom your soul holds and downloads it.

You shut down whole timelines by removing the old programming you are running!

Where you start to take your power back as a Multi Dimensional Priestess!

Today I am launching this powerful 6 week group Immersion. Places are limited! will start on the Sunday 5th July 10:30am (GMT/London)!

Are you ready to step into your Multi Dimensional Priestess Self?

Allera x

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