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Mothers Awaken


The past few months have been a flurry of planetary shifts & the vibrations of change have reverberated through our souls.

In August the karmic template on Earth was dismantled. Releasing us from continuing on a path of karmic looping. We can now learn the lesson without the engagement & drama of repeating again and again with the same players. We are able to actively break the cycles if we choose. Which is an initiation in itself as we will need to use our intuition and inner trust to choose what is in our highest and best good and is in alignment with our true path.

The law of karma also hasn’t disappeared as I read of some posts. As we become more consciously awake & aligned with our true soul self we must be aware that the law of karma actually acts quicker. This is because we are manifesting quicker. Therefore cause and effect of our actions (karma) can be almost instant!

This is about self mastery. Our thoughts, feelings and actions all affect our reality. All are manifesting calling signals into the universe. Your negative thoughts will start to have negative consequences. An example I can give is that whilst making dinner I had a thought about someone who had annoyed me. In that moment by focussing my energy on that thought I sent out a negative thought form. It came straight back into my reality in seconds when the bowl of mixture next to me spilt all over me, the workspace and floor.

I had allowed my vibration to drop through my thoughts and it had manifested into my reality (my experience), this mess!

I’m sharing this with you to give you an example but also to raise your awareness of the power we hold as manifestors. Focus your thoughts and most importantly your energy on what you do want. Not what you don’t.

This shift to dismantle the karmic template sadly doesn’t mean all the unresolved trauma, lessons and timelines evaporate. It means they have rushed to the surface with fervour, pushing to be acknowledged and healed.

For those who have been reading my blogs, followed my programs or have worked with me. All know that to heal present day illness, fears, blocks and restrictions in your love life/business/family/fertility and getting your soul aligned business thriving. We have to become soul detectives. Tracking the unresolved emotions, pain, trauma back to the root not only in this lifetime but across your past timelines as well.

You see once the root timeline is healed, the lessons closed, the beliefs removed all at soul level. You can release the whole however many timelines that have been on a cyclical repeating pattern to present day. So you go deep and clear the root not the 123 timelines where you never resolved the issue!

So as you can imagine. 123 lifetimes playing out the same drama, chaos, abuse and loss with the same souls is going to built up quite a stack of unresolved karma & energy to release.

Whatever is unresolved and affecting us energetically (in particular in the etheric field) will eventually manifest into your physical field. Meaning it will show up as repeated injuries, accidents, illness, pain, dysfunction along with issues in your relationships & general life.

Often this whole cycle of unresolved energy never gets looked at and healed. Which means we end up sharing it across the generational line. A gift of trauma that just keeps giving.

As women we each hold 8 generations of ancestral trauma within our womb space energetically. If you imagine each woman today was once an egg in her mothers body and also her grandmothers body whilst her mother was a baby growing on the womb. Three merged energy fields of whatever imprints, beliefs and trauma was experienced at those times.

If your mother had a miscarriage or abortion before you were born. The soul will often remain attached to the mothers womb and will often cause interference in the form of infertility or pregnancy issues till they are fully released and the contract cleared. This imprint of perhaps miscarriage, birth trauma and fear during pregnancy is then passed down to the next child born. The pattern then often requests itself.

This is the same for sexual abuse. Anything with a strong emotional impact leaves an imprint and often spiritual bondage to the events, trauma and abusers. Leaving the person often shut down in the womb space energetically affecting all aspects of their creativity, self expression, feelings of worthiness, safety, fertility and ability to be seen in the world without fear.

I’m explaining this all to give you awareness of the level of healing women are being called to go into over the coming year. This truly is going to be a year where we are going to feel the wind in our sales guiding us to let go of these chains of abuse and repression.

This will mean not only exploring your childhood wounding and how this has manifested in your relationships, self expression, creativity & empowerment. It means you need to go deeply into the past lives to heal your soul and release yourself from the timelines of persecution, abuse, repression, sexual slavery & all the shame, guilt and fear this holds. As whatever is unresolved from those timelines is active within your field now & manifesting in your ability to shine in the world as your true brilliant selves.

These wounds are starting to rise in the women around you. For many of you reading this you will have started to awaken & see the layers that are revealed in self and the illusions of your known reality stripped down. Layer by layer.

You have found resources of support and tools to help you on your healing journey. You may have forgotten what it was like to wake up in cycles of emotional turmoil unable to release yourself from the grips of old painful suppressed memories invading your daily consciousness. Leaving you ungrounded and questioning your sanity.

Well I share this reminder as I want you to be conscious that the next wave of awakenings and shifts are shaking these old traumas up right now. The population of women I’m seeing these eruptions is within the generations of women & mothers within the age range of 50+.

Amongst friends and clients this pattern has shown itself over the past 3 months & Christmas is adding to the tensions. The inner child wounding is resurfacing leaving these women acting out, triggered and often regressing to a wounded child state often unconsciously.

Harsh words and actions dealt in pain are being thrown about to those closest as
the inner shadow arises. I have even seen a number of women decide to divorce or split from their partners. Like a switch has gone off and they are stripping their lives of what no longer makes them happy.

It calls for compassion, forgiveness and detachment from the volcanic and often hurtful explosions. Part of the role of the wayshower is to recognise you have gone through the initiation to create a path for others to follow. As you have shifted energetically on a cellular level and within the collective family morphic field. You have been a catalyst for change within your lineage.

This doesn’t mean you have to take any abuse. Boundaries are a key in all interactions regardless of whether they are family. The tables have now shifted as energetically you are the soul wayshower guiding the family. Keep strong and true to yourself and follow purpose is all that you need to do. In doing so you give them space to grow and achieve their own soul growth. It shows them that they can be loved and shine for being their true selves as well.

Their first initiation will be to recognise that the healing work must be faced now. It may be that you can share some of your tools with them. Talking therapies with a counsellor are often a great starting point. As for many they have never shared their story, only held it locked up for 50+ years.

How can my gifts & tools help you through this process?

– I have opened up my calendar to make myself available for 121 sessions so you can deep dive into whatever is arising for you in safe hands. So we can quickly get to the root and work through it together.

Look at all the areas I cover here!

One to One Sessions

  • For those using the Twin Flame Online Healing Program (or if you would like to be) go to the following sections and complete the related coaching video, ebook for conscious awareness and then get the healing through the mp3 soul clearing meditation.
  • Forgiveness (mp3 and ebook)- complete the exercises to release yourself from the dynamic at play at soul level to shift the unresolved energy.
  • If you have been triggered complete the Dark night of the soul mp3 clearing to take yourself out of it.
  • Mother wounds healing video (1 hour 7 mins)
  • Boundaries (ebook workbook)
  • Past lives are always at root. So use the Past life road block ebook/mp3 to access your Akashic records to find out what issue is at play, close the lesson, clear the trauma and close the timeline. To make huge shifts using this deep healing soul clearing.
  • Complete the following ebook and mp3 to help yourself & your ancestral lineage break free from the past down trauma, patterns and miasms.

Twin Flame Akashic Records Clearing- Disempowerment, slavery & ancestral templates

  • The core wounding will be open which is what will play out amongst family and in your relationships. Use the following ebook/mp3 to heal-

Journey of the soul – core wound, relationship with the creator & separation from your Twin Flame Healing

Twin Flame Online Healing Program

Within the Twin Flame Online Healing Program I go deeply into childhood wounding healing, ancestral healing, the drama triangle & much more. This is all done at soul level within your Akashic records (soul records).

Throughout the program of videos, ebooks and mp3 clearings. You are given the conscious awareness of what is happening & the energetic tools to shift it. Thus empowering you to ride the waves of healing these deeper pieces.

All healing is offered not only at soul level to your Twin Flame but is done at genetic level. Meaning whenever you change a belief, clear a past life trauma or release patterns, imprinting or miasms (which result in illness)- it clears the 8 generations of ancestors who passed it down to you or were affected by it!

So you can help yourself, your family and the collective by doing the deeper work. So as a collective we can all heal and rise together.

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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