Money, Soul & Magick! 2021 is the year we re-write the script! - Pure Light 1111

Money, Soul & Magick! 2021 is the year we re-write the script!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I’m super excited to be taking women on this next journey!

One that is deeply part of my soul purpose!

In 2020 you will know that with the women in the Wealthy High Priestess Immersion we anchored in the new wealth consciousness grid!

I also invested in myself, business & scaled it to multiple 6 figures during a pandemic!  Flipping the scarcity script for good!

Money, wealth & changing the whole dace has been an ongoing journey for me since 2017 when I launched my business!

I’ve seen how my own Money Shadow bled into all areas of my life & relationships!

Yet one of the huge discoveries was the lies we’ve been told about money!  These are thick veils of illusion!

Have you considered Money is just what we have projected onto it!  Not in truth who she is!

Now it’s time to transform the whole dynamic!

Hint- it won’t just impact your bank account.

Changing your relationship with money will also reflect in your romantic relationships & how others show up to support you!!  A nice cherry on the cake!

Expect the best & choose to be wealthy in all areas & watch 2021 change for you!

Watch today’s FB live for more info!


Allera xx

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