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Mercury Retrograde final clear out!

Do you want to really shift the last remnants of past karma drama being brought up by Mercury Retrograde?

Have you found yourself swept away by the energies of others over the past few days.  Perhaps not knowing what’s yours and what belongs to others or the collective.

If you are seeing this post & have the feeling you are missing a vital link on your journey.

Then you found this for a reason.

The Free 4 day Overwhelm to Empowered Energy Upgrade Challenge gives you instant access to:

  • A transformational soul level quantum healing activation. ?
  • Energy healing tools.  Giving you the power to remove the energy of others your unknowingly processing from your environment, clients & family.  Allowing you to feel more balanced & in control. ?
  • Identify the 3 key limiting beliefs that block your healing & affect your business money flow.  Also receive a energy healing to transform these at root! ? ❤️?
  • Understand the link between you and your business & how your vibe could be causing cycles of feast & famine! ?

We also have the transformational power of the super moon today  ? ? ? to assist us in this powerful shift ✨

Set your intentions to release the old cycle & step into your new timeline of abundance & joy at rapid acceleration!


Love & abundant blessings

Allera x


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