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Making peace with the past to wipe the slate clean for a new beginning


We have to close the door on the past to make room for another to open into our future.

The longer we sit in this stagnant limbo due to our own pain, anger, feelings of lack and disappointment.  We are actually blocking the energetic flow of motion.  By blocking the door from closing and taking no action to move forwards, we get stuck.  It’s an uncomfortable place to be.  When energy and life are in flow, meaning it’s in movement, we experience synchronicity and wonders expand within our daily experience, guiding us on our journey.  Movement and flow is the positive feedback from the universe that we are on the right path.

When we are stuck, in many cases it’s us blocking the dam.  We’re getting in our own way.  Sitting on the fence without taking action.  Holding onto the past bullets of pain, hoping they’ll stop a second round being fired.   Holding on tightly to not forgiving yourself and the past.

You truly always have the key to your own cage.  Self-forgiveness is the key that frees you and helps you find inner peace.  Releasing this heavy blocking energy.  This creates space for the new to enter.

Energy and universal laws work to create balance.  If you take from others but don’t give, that’s an imbalance.  The universal laws will show you the ‘block’ in you to heal by bringing you experiences through people preying on you, taking from you and manipulating you!  When we receive or take but don’t give it comes from a deep inner lack.  Lack of love and an illusion there’s a lack of abundance.  So people will be brought into your life who match that same resonance.  Everyone you attract into your life will be a vibrational match for who you are now.  So if you want to shift that pattern, it starts with YOU!  No one else can change this situation but you!

Recognising you are a co-creator and master manifestor of your life experiences.  You can get the stick out and beat yourself up for the choices, decisions, actions or inactions which have got you to where you are today.  This keeps you stuck in the past, wedging the door open.

Another route is to recognise the huge learning and soul lessons within everything.  Freeing you to know you have the power and tools to forgive yourself, make peace with yourself for creating things that have not brought you happiness.  MAKE A COMMITMENT WITH YOURSELF to close the soul lessons, release the negative patterns, forgive others and yourself for past hurts and choices.  FREEING YOURSELF TO CREATE a new life through your co creative powers as a soul to shift your whole experience into something wonderful, with the power of your THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS AND ACTIONS!

You can shift your experiences from lack to abundance through gratitude practices, self-love, focusing on self-forgiveness and making the choice to do things differently (even if small), this will shift the flow of energy in the situation quickly.  Try it!

If you haven’t downloaded already – do the Weekly Akashic Record Clearing today.

Set the intention when you start the meditation to close and complete all lessons that can be at this time and clear all related karma associated with them.  Locate and clear all contracts, commitments and trapped emotions of anger, fear, disappointment, blocking me from aligning to my Divine Soul Blueprint in this life time and creating the life my soul is dreaming of!!

These meditations clear at soul level within the Akashic records (soul records).  We are all on a soul journey after all!  So always best to got to the root!

If you are ready to make a commitment to YOU.  Are ready to take the steps to start healing from the past and moving forwards but perhaps need some support or guidance, take a look at my website.  I cover many different areas including Twin Flame healing, healing from abuse (Including narcissistic relationships) and trauma (including childhood and past life) plus much more.  I use an integrated intuitive healing approach, combining multiple modalities, so each session is unique to your individual needs.


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