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Losing yourself at Christmas!


In this busy time of year it’s easy for all of the inner demons of self sacrifice & self neglect to rear their ugly heads.

We step ito the old moulds of societal programming & obligation of ignoring our inner wisdom & rational in a commercially programmed belief system that makes us think it’s all in pursuit of happiness.  That all the fuss, the lights, the spending, the stress and pressure…that in someway this self induced suffering is what’s required for our family to experience happiness on one day of the year.

If we take a step back and look at our behaviours, our thoughts and actions.  How is this making you feel?  Does this really resonate as truth to your soul?

Is the furore and Christmas process just another load of inherited beliefs and obligations that you must suffer to achieve happiness or that love can only be demonstrated through food, gifts or money?

Our limiting beliefs will manifest in our actions.  What is your Christmas prep process showing you?

For many women I am seeing a huge pattern of not only self sacrifice during this period but a huge amount of self sabortage.  Self care is out of the window & binge eating & drinking plus the cycle of poor sleep is resulting in being a shadow of their true selves.

It’s another situation showing up for them where they are lacking in the power to say their sacred no and put self love and respect for their divine bodies in place.

This is not to say don’t have fun.  It’s about taking an honest look at what are you doing and what is the effect on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state.

Then just around the corner the next merry go round of societal and media brainwashing happens.  New Years dieting and detoxing.  A huge money generating business.  All promising us a way to release the guilt and added load taken on from the previous month of lack of self care.

We are being shown these illusions and destructive patterns so we can release ourselves from being spaces to them.  Create new conscious traditions that involve community, charity & gratitude.  A time for appreciation and connection with love ones. Spending quality time with people and really listening to what they have to say.  All of which doesn’t really cost a penny & no expert marketer can sell you it in a shiny box.

What if your new Christmas experience included daily self care.  Time for exercise and a long bath if you needed time to relax.  What if you made a conscious choice to prioritise self love and self care over shopping?  How would your December look & most importantly feel?

We are all the creators of our own realities.  Which mean we have the tools to identify the limiting programs and beliefs were running that are causing us to auto pilot and run our lives in unhealthy ways. Then change them and shift our energy frequency and create new experiences in our lives.

If this post resonates and you need some help in lifting yourself out of your patterns.

Take a look at this Blocks to soul love energy healing meditation.  Which will identify and shift over 90 limiting beliefs holding you back from self love and ultimately attracting in loving soulmate experiences.  All done within your Akashic records (soul records).

Love and blessings

Allera xx



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