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Little Women & your ancestors money legacy


There is a major push amongst the feminine collective presently to dig deeper into their inner programming.

We’re being literally called as soul detectives to dismantle our belief structures, the glass ceilings encasing us & the fields of limitation we live within in our families, businesses & in particular around money.

Money for many is so heavily loaded.  Yet for many they don’t know why.

If you are reading this you are likely from a western country and have not suffered starvation & suffering through societal poverty!

Yet that doesn’t mean your scarcity programming isn’t in full swing as a cloaked saboteur in the background.  Silently & discreetly keeping you from investing in yourself & knowing your true potential to earn Divine infinite abundance for sharing your gifts with the world.

You see we are all carrying the belief systems of our ancestors & the feminine collective. Generations of women who will have experienced war, starvation, poverty & desperation in connection to lack of money.

This is why money triggers such deep survival wounds in us & can lead to us allowing all manner of destructive behaviours to take over & destroy our dreams.

Our ancestors were women who never truly experienced freedom in their lives as money equaled security.  To gain security your options were mostly limited to marrying well.  So you traded your freedom for security & in turn became your husbands legal property & lost most opportunity to create the dreams & desires that had been a flame within their hearts.

Beliefs around money & the relationship with money will have become distorted.  Money was never fully trust worthy, not always there for you.  It came at a cost too.  Perhaps the experience of losing your voice, freedom & personal authority.

It also meant without having money of their own & understanding the true language of money in the world.  It brings up feelings of fear, unworthiness & disempowerment.  A lack of confidence with money, so much so it doesn’t feel safe.  So when money comes in a women may find herself quickly finding ways to get rid of it again.  The hot potato scenario where everything that comes in no matter how much money will always go back out again equalling a net zero!  A safe spot that many women find themselves in.

It also reflects in our inner worthiness of investing in ourselves, our dreams and our progression within our lives and businesses.  After all in past years families wouldn’t have educated their daughters as they didn’t see any worth in it and this was received as being unworthy of investment in their potential & value.

Women as soon as they are born are wired into giving & sacrificing through our dna programming and collective morphic fields.  Often providing an abundance of love, support and energy investment into others & their dreams & feeling guilt if they dare use any of their divine life force energy for themselves.

So is it any wonder that when women need support to step up in their businesses & decide they need to break the spiritual money bondage of their lineage all sorts of blocks & fears arise about investing the money in themselves to transform their situation!

Yet we have a choice.  We continue doing the same thing and remain where we are or we make a choice & declaration to invest and trust in ourselves and our worth.  To know that we can be the Wealthy High Priestesses in our temples once again & declare our commitment to self to step into that version of ourselves.

If you want to get an idea of what it may have been like I’d recommend watching the recent film adaptation of Little Women.  It really was a eye opener for me & I feel is being brought about on the collective once again to help us tap intake the outdated constructs still at play within us and society.

If you are ready to transform your money story & step into your power by scaling your purpose driven business into higher planes.

Then book a free discovery call with me here & let’s see how we can work on bringing this to life.

Love & abundant blessings

Allera x

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