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Letting Go


I want to cover something that many are feeling right now.  It’s a pull to move forwards, to shed your skin, to spread your wings, to expand.  The dynamic you have found yourself in is feeling constricting and uncomfortable the longer you stay.  The energy is blocked and you just want to let go of the Twin Flame connection and any situation that doesn’t serve you, to break free!

I want to shed some light from my own experiences, knowledge of the soul lessons and energetics at play.  Take what resonates and disregard the rest.  Also to note you will feel when you’re ready to let go.  Initially it will bring up all the fear of loss, abandonment and an emptiness.  These are your core soul wounds and attachment wounds being brought up for healing.  Once these are healed you will move to the next soul lesson of detachment.

Now detachment is an interesting one for Twin Flames.  One hand many of you are opened up intuitively and very able to see what’s up ahead, listening and following your guidance.  The key to manifestation is to be able to see, feel and connect with what you want to bring it in.  When channelled in the positive, it can literally create miracles!

The challenging part is to then to let go of the attachment of having what you’ve asked for in order for it to be brought to you!  It’s hard, you’ve deliberately invested time, energy and passion.  You have become emotionally invested.  You have likely allowed your 3D ego self to put a lot of boundaries and confines over how it will be delivered and when.  So part of the block in not only manifesting your life’s desires but also manifesting a Twin Flame or soul mate on the physical plane, is that we don’t detach from the outcome.  We try to control it, which blocks the flow of energy bringing it to you.  The minute you let it go, the energy can move as it needs to.  You get out of your own way, which is normally stuck on the ego mind, which has been busy adding some layers of conditions, fears and buffers to disappointment.  This is being stuck in your own head trying to make sense of things.  The answers in your heart all along.

So imagine you order something on Amazon.  You know once you’ve chosen what you want and paid.  It’s going to be delivered.  You forget about it.  You don’t check Amazon 20 times a day to see where your delivery is and if it’s truly on Its way.  You trust it will be delivered and you kind of forget about it till it arrives.  Now this is the trick to detachment.  Including the soul lesson of detachment you will be learning over and over again on the Twin Flame Journey.  Trust and let go!

There’s a few areas on the path which if I’d known sooner would have been true gifts from heaven.  I’m going to share them with you now…

Letting go of the energetic co-dependency in the Twin Flame dynamic opens you up to being able to balance your inner masculine and feminine energies.

Now during the dance there is initially an energetic imbalance as you need to be in each other’s spaces for all the purging of the different energy bodies to occur.  You’re also learning healthy energetic boundaries.  Learning what’s yours and what’s theirs.  There will come a time when you have done your healing.  You will feel when this is.  If you have gone through the Pure Light Twin Flame Healing Program or are feeling less of a pull towards clearing for both you and your Twin flame.  You are feeling the pull to start focussing on carrying out your Divine Soul contract and creating a life that has purpose.   This is your alarm call.

Up till the point when your soul will direct you towards living your life purpose, you were likely energetically supporting both you and your Twin.  You were learning how to hold a sacred healing space for your Twin as he/she purged.  This activated your own Divine Feminine soul codes.  This helped you earn your own stripes in being able to build on and trust your own intuitive abilities and ground all the changes you have experienced into your day to day life.

I got to a point where I had not only jumped in the deep end of the pool to drag my Twin Flame up from the bottom, holding him afloat and protecting him from drowning.  I taught him to swim, I gave him the tools he needed to not only keep afloat but to swim off wherever he wanted to go.  I healed the wounds at the root of co-dependency and last to go were the dysfunctional energetic dynamic between us.  He took responsibility for his own energy clearing, his healing, he grew stronger and more intuitive and had the tools to bounce back.  He was ready.

Whilst I was still energetically supporting him I was essentially balancing the masculine and feminine energies for us both.  If one is the life raft for the other, it’s a huge block as it’s an imbalance.  Also by me feeding him all this wonderful healing, nurturing and intoxicating love energy.  I was unknowingly also giving him the energy he needed to keep suppressing his true feelings.  It takes an enormous amount of energy to stay in a state of avoidance and denial.  Consider this if you’re pumping your Twin full of the good stuff whilst bleeding yourself dry!  I know it’s hard as you truly want to express the love inside you feel for your counterpart.  Often out of fear that if you stop then will forget about you- they won’t.  You see the piece to consider here is that without all your energy, he runs out of fuel.  The energy he needs to hide from the connection and most importantly himself!  When it becomes to tiring to keep up his inner battle he has to surrender to the process and this is when the magic happens.

For me to crack on and get myself on track for my Divine Timing, I could no longer continue giving like that.  I had to give my life force energies to my business and to grounding my new life into the physical.  So I took my guidance and I pulled back my energy and focused fully on self-love, my happiness and creating through joy.  By doing this I gave my Twin Flame the opportunity to test out his new tools to balance his own energies.  After all, for any man to come into my life and stand by my side they too would need to have balanced their inner masculine and feminine energies.  There can be no co-dependency.  This is part of the old 3D templates were eradicating.  I knew he was ready and more than capable.

For both men and women, we all have inner masculine and feminine energies.  However due to society and upbringing many men are taught to disregard their feminine energies (sensitivity, nurturing, gentle emotional sides).  This also means siding with the logic of the mind and ignoring the strong intuition they have.  Without me balancing this for him, he then had to start doing it himself!  Trusting his heart and connecting to his feelings.  Trusting telepathy and his intuition.  Seeing the guidance and warnings as truth and witnessing the physical the evidence of the near misses he averted by trusting himself.  He flexed his own intuition muscles and grew stronger for it.

The masculine twin is also called to integrate healthy masculine energy.  This represents taking action to create and bring about change.  Being able to say no to others, setting boundaries and sticking to them.  Gentle power not through force, control or manipulation.  Connecting to his heart, feelings and his mind.   Whilst I was his energy source I was also assisting with balancing his masculine energy by giving him mine.  I was supporting his creative force.

A good sign of the energies being out of balance in a counterpart is he isn’t taking action.  He’s blocking his feelings still.  He is scared of his own inner feminine energies and this in turn means he’s not quite sure what to make of the intoxicating mix of energy his Divine Feminine energy counterpart shows him.  Part wants to ravish it and the other wants to run for the hills.  He hasn’t experienced anything like it before and quite frankly he’s a bit overwhelmed.

The key to remember here is that these energies represent our inner god (divine masculine) and goddess (divine feminine) energies.  They have been imbalanced, suppressed and persecuted for lifetimes.  Now we’re being called to embody them and balance them within ourselves without a guide book!  This in itself calls for some healing.  I had many lives of being attacked and persecuted when I came into my Divine Feminine power.  All this fear and trauma came up as I got on ‘path’.  I had to heal and face those things to be able to balance my own energies, so I will be able to stand strong and hold space for others that I help along the way.

The masculine Twin Flame is also having to face his shadow aspects where he was the persecutor, bully and abuser of the Divine Feminine, which brings up a lot of shame and guilt energies to clear.  He is being asked to release all of this and move forwards.  He is being called to support and protect his Twin Flame counterpart in this lifetime as she comes into her Divine Feminine power.  Helping her feel safe from those who haven’t done their healing work and are still in patriarchy programs which means to attack and abuse.  They are being called to work together as equals.  It’s a new dynamic many can’t fathom as they’re only comparing to what they’ve know which are of the karmic soul mate variety.  This is non comparable!  The answers to this connection always lie in the heart.  Together in union they both balance these aspects and energies individually and as a pair.  Together these energies are magnified meaning double the creative manifesting power.

My belief is this process had to happen like this for us.  It healed both of us, deepened the soul connection and growth through these soul lessons.  When I let go, I was free to focus the energies on Divine Timing.  Knowing the soul and creator works the rest out for us.  We just have to keep taking action and the next steps are brought to us.  If he was to be the man to be my Divine Masculine on this journey,  then he’d get there if it’s in his and my highest and best.

I always knew a strong protective, supportive soul would be by my side either way.  As I raised my vibration, I started attracting more and more compatible soul mates who were living in their Divine Masculine power.  This was the universe giving me feedback of what I was in alignment with.  They showed me it was possible!  These guys existed, and they also existed across many fields such as performance coaching, IT Tech start up’s and running their own financial firms.  They were of a higher vibration to me and living lives on purpose!  Each of them were spiritually connected and also balanced social cause, giving back in the ethos of their lives and companies!  It helped me trust in the process that whatever is best for me or whoever is best for me, would be brought into my life.  I let go of the worry and fear.

Notice I wasn’t letting go of my Twin Flame.  It’s not possible.  This is a soul journey and 5th dimensional sacred marriage and union.

I was letting go of the dysfunction in the connection.  I was effectively letting go of the dysfunction inside of me that had previously been in alignment with it!  Can you see how letting go is part of the shedding of the energetic onion of self, the shedding of the old illusionary ego self.  The part that connected to the 3D paradigm of fear.  The one who identified with the fear, struggle, the battle…transformed into the now woman who simply woke up and said I don’t want this anymore!  I choose to let that part of myself go…so another part dies.  Another part is awakened!

These cycles happen frequently.  I have accepted this as part of my growth and can honour and integrate the changes with compassion and ease.  Allowing a fresh layer to expand, ready to be explored, ready to create, learn and heal.  Until it too is ready to be shed!  Without attachment.  Just allowing it to be part of the energetic flow of life.  Letting go of something, to allow the new to enter.  Trusting the laws of motion, trusting my soul and trusting that the journey gets better and better each time.

Do you know what happened the night after I released myself from my shell of dysfunction…I received an Intuitive message…he will have a little death in 3 day’s time but don’t worry he will be ok…he will be reborn.

So the journey continued.  As I buckled up for the next leg of the adventure..  My Twin Flame had awakened!  Our next initiation was calling us…

So how do you do this…

Practice again and again.  If you are feeling the warning-the discomfort. Look at all areas of your life and ask yourself…

How does this serve me?

What am I learning from this?

Is this in my highest and best good?

Am I in a holding pattern?

I decided.  I’m letting go of:

  • Drama and chaos.  It’s just a distraction to keep me off path.  I love myself too much to allow it into my life!  I choose love of self!
  • I let go of all of those in my life who through their influence tried to exert their drama and chaos over me to keep me off path.  I won’t give away my power.  Perhaps our paths will cross in another lifetime.  I keep moving forwards.  I close our Soul contracts, clear the soul business and move on.  I take a soul learning of self-love, discernment, compassion and self-empowerment. Thank you for these lessons.  Bye!
  • I let go of the expectation.  This is tricky but I’m getting better at it!
  • I let go of the frustration, the hurt, the anger. I don’t want those energies in my field as they only lower my vibration.  No thanks, you can go too!
  • I let go of trying to control the situation (only came from fear).  Plus I let go of trying to control my feelings about the situation.  It’s out of my hands.  I’m giving away my power and putting my happiness outside myself to hold onto what I had wanted the situation to turn out like.  It’s using my energy which needed to be directed elsewhere. The more you try control yourself or the situation the more painful it becomes for you!  So just let the battle with your ego go!
  • I let go of all the effort it takes to push down, numb and ignore the feelings inside.  Heal and face what comes up and see it as a blessing that helps raise your vibration once cleared!
  • Letting go of the battle between your ego mind (lower self) and you higher self (soul).  You’re on a soul journey.  Your soul is running the show and will make it very difficult if you put up an inner battle.  Do you want more ‘soul teachers’ to be brought in with lessons that will force you to ‘let go’?  I have seen this many times.  It normally means a big and quick shift resulting in things moving quickly to get you to where you should be.  This means rapid change, often fear and upheaval. Often jobs, relationships, friendships and anything not in our highest and best good get stripped from us.  Forcing us to let go!  We were gripping on to the old energy, the old way of being. Limiting our own soul growth!
  • Letting go of the resistance. Also from people trying to block the union.  I won’t allow anyone to get in my way and pull me off my soul path.  I remove all negative energies of others.  That’s their own fear and wounding energies projecting against me.  Clear, forgive them and let go of the situation and move forward.
  • Letting go of trying to apply a 3D relationship structure to this situation.  There is nothing to compare it to…by agreeing as souls to reunite in this life time you agreed to create new templates for relationships/ based on love not fear/control/conditions and expectations.  It’s all based on True love, unconditional love.  Hence why it’s a struggle to navigate.  We are trying to integrate more and more of our 5th dimension soul self into our physical 3D body with all the heaviness of our baggage and illusions getting in the way!  Forgive yourself and your Twin, your still learning!

Accept it blows all you’ve experienced to date out of the water.  Hence why most people in your life can’t understand or support it.  It’s completely out of their conscious reach.  They haven’t awoken to themselves as souls in many cases let alone the concept of a spiritual marriage.  Especially one that defies their current reality and expands through all time and space!  I mean it is pretty amazing, awe inspiring and a bit magical and wacky all rolled into one!  The irony is, everything you have awakened to now has always been there.  You too were asleep to who you truly are.

Letting go of all of this allows me to shine my  light brighter.  To inspire, support and empower others to do the same!

You will come to a place where you’re not willing to dull your light for anyone.  My view was that if someone was to be part of my life then great, come join the party!  If they choose not, hey that’s cool too!  The invites have been sent out to the universe…I trust the souls who join me have to be in alignment with me…energetic laws of the universe dictate this!  Like attracts like!  So I know I’m safe, happy, loved and just where I need to be.

An exercise to help you do this yourself…

Write out all the things you want to let go of in relation to your Twin Flame.  Use the above as guidance.

Then on a separate piece of paper write 10 things your love and appreciate about your Twin Flame.  Then write a something to express your gratitude to them.  Perhaps even connect with them and tell them everything on this list.  Gratitude acts to bring you more of what you appreciate.  This connection is about love and this is the baseline.

All of these negative and positive emotions and stuck energies have in many cases been blocked and suppressed.  We are going to release them now.

Once completed I would like you to set the intention that all related energies are released from you and your Twin Flame and the path ahead unblocked.  Then somewhere safe burn your notes.

I would then suggest doing the Weekly Akashic Records Clearing and setting the intention for all blocks, restrictions and dysfunction in your connection to be located, cleared and released for the highest Soul good of all.  Thank you it is done.

Love and blessings brave souls!




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