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Letter of intention


A few weeks ago I posted a video about my letter of intention.

I felt a huge shift within me the end of August.  My soul was pushing me once again to step up.  To look around me at what was no longer fulfilling me.  What had I outgrown & what was I settling for when I could be creating space in my life and being open to receiving more abundance in all forms.

Life is a journey we dance through & if we can embrace that nothing is static & everything is change in motion.  Then we can embrace our inner guidance, trust and take steps of action along the way.  Surrendering to the outcome but following what feels in our hearts the best course along the way.  Then we grow & most importantly we learn to trust ourselves.  That leads to a stronger connection with source & the universe.

For me I was being drawn inwards to face myself and my inner truth.  You see on this journey & in particular on the spiritual path there are a lot of projections and agendas.  Most of which aren’t yours but belong to those around us.  As sensitive souls we can be swept away in the dreams, desires and beliefs of others in the most subtle ways.  It’s an initiation I have discovered I entered to assist others in stepping into their own divine sovereignty.  In many cases it’s about reclaiming your free will.  As unknowingly the influence of others energetically will at times restrict you from exercising it as you become energetically entwined with others fields of consciousness.

I as a walk in soul I have discovered quite the magnitude of external influence that goes on through the different spiritual planes, through the galactic council, our council of 12 & even our ancestors.  They all have ideas of how you ‘should’ be living your life.  How you should be expressing your gifts and when.  Plus who you should be interacting with.

One of the biggest insights I’ve discovered and overcome has been in recognising quite how much interference can occur and that this is connected to the old way of connecting.  Namely through obligation, promises & soul contracts.  Plus a big one here…expectation.

I discovered some seriously unhappy dead ancestors who were angry that I didn’t rescue them from their plight.  They held the expectation that they would inflict abuse but then expected both Allera 1& 2, the previous souls who have had my body along with Allera.  To essentially take on their karmic load & do their dirty work for them.  Which in effect would have meant my life would remain at a standstill.  Something I was never prepared to do. This was over and above ancestral clearing in the most extreme way.

It’s taken a lot of strength & determination to break free of what was pretty much a collective agenda to stop me from being me.  From being able to claim my body as my own (unsuccessful possession attempts by both my dead parents have occurred a few times).  This is common for walk ins I have discovered amongst my clients as well.

Along with finding my voice to share my experiences of my healing path.  To share what I have overcome & the tools I bring so others can step into their own sovereign power.

Although I bring the ability to teach and share my spiritual gifts, I have never allowed dependency.  I am here to assist you in seeing the soul within & connecting to your own gifts so you can integrate them into your daily life.  So most importantly you find your own path & not feel that you must be following mine or anyone else’s.

This also goes for the different external spiritual influences who want to work through you which in turn means a contract to work for/with them.  Just because you can channel angels/ascended masters or star beings or do grid work does not mean you are obliged to say yes to every request you receive.

From my perspective life has to have balance to bring a flow of abundance and ease.  This is where I fill my inner well with love, rest, nourishment & fun before I agree to take on an extra spiritual task.

This is a big lesson of boundaries & self sovereignty in itself.  As I too recall the years of being constantly pulled in all directions with downloads & requests to put out messages.  It became another job & exhausting.  So I pulled my energy back & took control.  I choose when I will do this work & will often rescind agreements if I feel it’s bringing my life out of balance as there is little time for me.  Also to note your guides and council of 12 have often never walked on Earth.  So they have no idea how to keep a body healthy & balanced so don’t consider the physical effects when lining up the workload.

I want to pose something to all those who find themselves reading this blog.  I would like you to question who’s path are you truly following? Whose beliefs have you swallowed whole that is now strongly shaping or restricting your life? Have you found yourself feeling trapped or dependent in any way emotionally, spiritually or physically with any groups, healers, organisations?

Have you neglected logic or even made decisions that felt wrong or affected your health as you were guided to take actions by a spiritual teacher, healer or guru?  Where have you given away your power?

Have you found yourself strongly jumping on the ascension journey band wagon.  Initially for growth and then later noticing you are no longer living with joy and connection to your earthly life?  Your life revolves around the next stage to reach or the next energy upgrade you need to work with to ascend higher.  Yet on your day to day life it feels the opposite as you have neglected the action needed to make grounded changes in your life?  I see this frequently with people who come to me & wonder why they feel so stuck or can’t get businesses off the ground.

Are you on the Twin Flame journey & have entered an online rabbit hole?  Initiated into a tribe that feels more like a cult?  The blind leading the blind all the way.  No one stepping into their power and being the change they want to see in the world.  More often than not many people stuck in chaos, looping patterns of self sabotage, delusion & putting their lives on hold.  The opposite of what these catalyst soul connections are brought to us for.

If any of this resonates or you are feeling a need to make a strong declaration of what you will & won’t be available for in your life.  Then I offer the opportunity to write yourself a letter of intention.  I recommend creating this into a ritual.  Light a candle and dedicate time to the process.

I’d suggest once written make yourself a cacao drink & punctuate this ceremony.  Read allowed your declaration letter & follow with some sips of your cacao to bring the energies of this strong statement of intent into your physical vessel.

I am no longer available for souls who choose to surround themselves with chaos & drama to be brought into my life.

I am no longer available to hold space for those who aren’t willing to step up, do the inner work & get out in the world & make a difference in their own and the lives of others.

I let go of those around me who choose to remain stuck in the vibrations of gossip, complaining, bitching, unhealthy competition and victim consciousness.  I no longer allow these frequencies in my field.

In all my relationships & connections I deserve to be loved, respected & for there to be an equal balance of energy exchange.  I release those who aren’t able to align to this.

At all dimensional levels of my soul I call back my power, my energy & my sovereign authority to live my life in joy and express myself as I choose without interference.

I deserve my precious asset of time to be respected on this earthly plane.  For those around me who do not accept this I surrender to release you from my life.

I release, revoke, rescind all agreements even those deemed irrevocable & all obligations to others which are now a block to me living my soul aligned life in joy, integrity & serenity in a way that brings me happiness.  Clear off all agendas, projections and thoughtforms of others.

I am open to receive higher levels of love, romance, good health, wealth, abundance & prosperity than I have ever imagined before.  I am open to claim and receive all the blessings of abundance the universe has for me.

In the highest soul good of all. I command that my energy is realigned to my letter of intent. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It is done.

I hope you too can create a letter to assist in aligning to a path that works for you.

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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