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Laying new foundations for the future


There are many shifts at play currently to bring those who are behind in their timing cycles back into alignment.  This means those who have been avoiding taking steps to heal, leave Karmic relationships or have not  been taking action to carry out their Divine Soul contract (what they agreed to do in this incarnation), being moved to where they need to be.  I’m being shown those who are avoiding taking action had better hold onto their hats as it’s going to be a rapid ride and resistance isn’t invited to the party!

The bigger picture here is that many other souls are dependent on these shifts occurring and the contracts being carried out.  In fact, many of the children of Twins Flames who have to date veered off path, are pushing at soul level for these changes.  Their ability to carry out their own future Divine Soul contracts depends on it.  It’s like a domino effect, if one causes a block, it affects the whole soul family, soul group and all others in the collective.

So what does this mean?  Generally it means a big boot from the universe to create the awareness, healing and changes needed!  This can mean sudden loss of jobs, breakdown of relationships, illness or something to cause conscious awareness of the bigger picture and often a scrambling to rebuild the foundations that have been pulled down around them.  Whatever is stripped away is everything that’s out of alignment with the souls path and their Divine Soul Blueprint.  They are gaining a quick soul lesson in detachment and trust!  Knowing that wherever the pieces fall, is where they’re meant to be and that they’re always safe.

I mentioned in a previous blog that in the next 3-18 months a lot of changes will be made amongst Twin Flames and their soul families.  It’s a calling for all to start laying down the foundations for the future.  Which will often result in new homes, relocations, new babies, new families being formed, revised custody agreements, job changes, retraining for new careers, and businesses being formed to name a few!

We are all being called to look at where we are leaking our energy (or giving it away)!  Where are we focussing our attention that is no longer serving us?  Now is the time to start pulling it back and setting new boundaries.  So we can use our retrieved energy to focus on laying new foundations for the future .  If you’re getting into the swing of building a new home, business or family you need to focus not only your attention (energy), your time (energy resource) but also your money (energy) into your new project for it to be a success.  Not diluting all efforts trying to be everything to everyone.  That old pattern has to change.

Many Divine Masculines have found themselves in difficult situations around money and moving forwards from karmic soulmate relationships.  The children and money became pawns in a battle of war between partners.  Money and the children have been used as a means to manipulate, punish and control many ex partners who chose to leave families.  In some cases I have seen the Divine Masculine men still paying for their ex partners holidays, spa days, clothes and nights out, over and above the agreed child support/settlement payments.  Leaving them worried about not being able to support a new family and stuck in a holding zone.  Blocking them from moving forwards with their lives.

The trauma of leaving their family meant in guilt and running old templates of what a provider is, they threw money at a problem.  Often handing over everything to the ex-wife just for some peace and rest bite  At the time it was the only solution to ease the pain they were suffering.  That was then and the tides have changed.  The buck has to stop here!  Divine Masculine is being called to take back his power, address the imbalance and stop the games.  This means setting new boundaries with ex partners and stopping giving (time, money, attention and resources) out of the illusion of obligation, guilt, blame and shame.  He is being given the opportunity by his soul to step into his power.

This isn’t saying people must stop fulfilling financial support and responsibilities.  It’s taking an honest look at where their earlier lack of boundaries have caused them to be taken advantage of, often financially.  This will have been a pattern that continued on through their relationships with different women.  The women in these situations will soon be called to face their own shadows as the men take a new stance and refuse to be used for financial gains and manipulated for security.  It highlights the dark sisterhood energies still playing through the old templates held by many of the karmic soulmate women.  Old templates that play into a battle of the sexes and inequality.  Where women, just as much as men have abused their power in relationships and the old paradigm of ‘conditional’ love.  By the Divine Masculine making these changes, it forces their ex partners to learn soul lessons of self-respect, independence and power.  There is always a learning and blessing of growth for everyone throughout this journey

This is all coming up for healing and rebalance now.  Source and universal laws are not allowing this imbalance anymore.  Those families using children for manipulation and money for power struggles, often between warring ex partners, are having a spot light shone on them.

The Twin Flame awakening brings up lots of hidden illusions including beliefs around abundance, wealth and money.  Many in the spiritual community have distorted beliefs around money.  Money is essentially energy.  When we pay for goods or services, it’s an exchange of energy.  Everyone has the ability and divine birth right to live an abundant life in whatever form works for them.

Here’s a few common limiting beliefs that will manifest as money struggles in life:

  • Money is evil.
  • I grow through suffering.
  • I must give away all my worldly possessions to live a spiritual existence (often links to Dark night of the soul).
  • Rich people are bad.
  • I must be poor to be closer to god.
  • If I have wealth, I will be attacked.
  • If I have money my family will take it.
  • If I have success I will lose it.
  • I must give away all money that comes to me.

Often these are from the collective consciousness, old religious illusions and ancestral beliefs passed down through our genes!  It’s just more of the baggage for us to shine light on and heal.  You have a choice in life to carry out your Divine Timing in struggle or abundance.  It’s down to your beliefs that will influence your choice!

Consider this, you will achieve more, help many more people whilst carrying out your Divine timing in abundance than you will trying to do it In lack, struggle and worrying about paying the rent.

In the near future many of these Twin Flame Divine Masculines will be called to step up and take on more responsibility regarding the day to day care of their children.  Their children are awakening and won’t be able to stand staying in low vibrational home environments, often with the ex karmic soulmate.  Causing chaos and a push for change.  The karmic soulmates have a choice, awaken and start their own healing or some will resist and project their wounding against their children.  Creating a highly toxic environment.  If you imagine many have never accepted any responsibility for their own contribution to the demise of their relationships and families.

The children of Twin Flames are highly evolved souls and are calling for the support they need to advance.  They are going to start rocking the boat at home, questioning status quo and not accepting things as they are.  Their souls are feeding them higher wisdom and they will start to push against any manipulation and power games played by either parent.  They are teachers brought to their families for this purpose.  The tables are turning and it’s the karmic soulmates who are going to have the biggest wakeup call very soon if they aren’t supportive.

Due to the challenges of raising children whilst these changes are going on.  It may result in custody agreements being renegotiated in future.  The Divine Masculines need to have the new foundations, homes and stability in place to accommodate potentially having an extra child or more living with them more often or full time.  At soul level this is already agreed and regardless of trying to control these changes, new circumstances will be brought about which result in it.

The children are already going through an awakening cycle presently and they’re learning quick!  The pace for us all is quickening.  We have agreed to be their role models, step up, wipe the slate clean and set the new templates for them.  Showing them how to live in their hearts as consciously awake people.  How to live in their truth in relationships with themselves and others.

Use this time wisely.  Take the action now you’re being nudged to.  It’s a much more fun and enjoyable experience that way.  The big boot of the universe might cause quick change but we don’t enjoy the ride as much.  It’s like being pushed on a runaway train with no idea of the end destination.

We are all co-creators in our life experience through our beliefs, thoughts, choices and actions.  So take your power back, get back in the driving seat and start steering your life in a direction that brings you daily purpose, inspiration, passion and joy!  Choose a destination where you and your whole family get to shine their lights in this lifetime!



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