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What’s your intention for today?

It might be to go to work, get the kids clean, fed and off to school on time, plough through back to back meetings or just survive it.

What if you were to set an intention to do ONE thing DAILY that feeds YOUR SOUL!  Something that makes you feel loved. Something that makes you feel connected, purposeful and fills you with JOY!
What feelings arise when you read this?

Does a list of reasons why you don’t have time pop into your head?  Did an idea of that ONE joyful thing jump into your consciousness?

Many of us live life on a Monday to Friday auto pilot, getting through the daily grind or living for the weekend.  Add to the mix, riding the Twin Flame awakening, and for some it can become an added challenge to not only function but keep on top of work and family duties.  Personal joy comes last.  There’s such a focus on the juggling act to deal with the layers of past wounds, energy clearing and integrating all the changes, that it gets lost amongst other priorities.

Amongst all the disruption we can easily forget to inject some fun and joy into our lives.  It’s important we keep an eye on the lighter side of things and bring ourselves back to a positive set point especially after any deep healing work.

If you’re stuck for ideas but feel this resonates.  Ask yourself:

What makes you happy to be alive?  You know the times when you light up and feel yourself shine because you feel connected to something deep inside of you.  This might be doing something new. A few years ago I set myself a challenge to try something new every week!  It could be something as simple as trying a new type of food.  This took me on an adventure through many styles of dancing.  I signed up for anything that excited me.  Although I didn’t stick with them all, I can say I tried samba, salsa, Latin jazz, contemporary dance and know I feel ‘alive’ when connected to music and my body!

It might be that making or creating things brings you joy.  This could be baking, cooking, writing, building, drawing, painting, the list is endless.  Think back to what you loved and could escape into for hours as a child.  This is also a great way to connect with your inner child.  Could you journal notes, or doodle on a pad whilst taking your coffee break even when things are busy?  Making time for YOU.

I have found great pleasure and healing in being able to use creative tools such as painting, drawing and writing on this journey.  If I wanted to heal a part of myself, I would sometimes paint it!  If I needed to get some sadness out, I would at times paint something that expressed that emotion but at the same time I found joy in creating something new.  Allowing the different energies to flow through me.

Could taking a baby step daily towards getting into alignment with your true soul path be the injection of enthusiasm and joy you need?  Knowing that just a small step like sending an e-mail or researching a topic is a move closer to where you want to be.  Making that much wanted destination a step closer.

Think about the last time you took the time to really nourish and take care of your body.  I feel a huge difference when I get to the gym before work in the mornings.  I’m more creative.  I’ve shifted the stuck energy from sleeping plus I’m more positive and confident in my body.  I also find a lot of intuitive guidance comes in whilst exercising, giving me ideas for the day ahead.  I feel connected to my body and soul.  I have made it a ritual to use aromatherapy shower gels and a scented body oil on my skin afterwards.  So I start my day feeling self-loved, grounded in my body and smelling pretty good too!  It brings me joy to look after myself in this way.

Could a bath with oils, Epsom salts and a few candles provide you an evening ritual that fulfils the feeling you are looking for…even if you only have 20 mins spare after a busy day?

Do you find pleasure in making people laugh,  inspiring others to change, helping others, focussing on how you can grow and understand yourself better?  Whatever it is, your soul is calling you to listen to the inner voice and take action-NOW!

When we listen to our inner voice and inject some true joy into our lives, we raise our vibration and this has a magnetic affect to bring more of the same into your life.  More satisfaction, more opportunities to experience joy!

Make a commitment to yourself to ask your higher self what would bring your soul joy NOW!  Note this is about YOU, not when you unite with a Twin Flame, soul mate, win the lottery or buy the next must have handbag!  Connect deeper!

Once you find that one thing, no matter how simple or small.  Commit to adding it to your daily routine for the next 30 days.

At the end of each day spend a couple of moments reflecting on how you feel.  Has this small change enhanced the experience of your day?  Could you expand it further? If so, how?

Really start to follow your joy.  This is where we will shine our brightest and find the fulfilment our souls are leading us towards.

We are the creators of our own reality.  So go create NOW, don’t wait till tomorrow!

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