Join us today- Intergenerational trauma, bloodline magick, secret societies & more… - Pure Light 1111

Join us today- Intergenerational trauma, bloodline magick, secret societies & more…


As a High Priestess I take a different viewpoint of energy

I am not polarised from the constructs of the false religion fields or fear of the different consciousness.

Magick & the spiritual world is all about relationships, boundaries, clear communication & energetic mastery. You need to understand there’s many rules & many playing fields.

I traverse between the different playgrounds, beings & consciousness utilising the keys & laws to dance within

This means a deeper understanding of the workings & art of manipulating energy which in this holographic simulator of inter relation & creating is what we are playing within

There is a splitting amongst many which feeds this inner deep felt perception of not being whole

Our inner reality is what is then projecting out to create the person & collective realities around us on this planet & beyond

Yet in truth you are ALL of it

Meaning the light consciousness & the dark consciousness

Just as money has been polarised as good/evil along with the collective programs of what is perceived to be a rich or poor person

It’s actually neutral

There are both dark & light grids on this Earth & beyond & you access them daily through the people you meet, the places you live & the organisations that anchor into them

We have so much fear & polarisation of light/dark through the false religion teachings that many are tricked into fearing doing the deeper shadow work

Yet ALL your gifts, tools, magical abilities & energetic power reside in the initiation of shadow work

Manifestation requires shadow work 💎

Magick requires emotional mastery & personal accountability 💫

To expand & upgrade we must go into our darkness & alchemise to expand our capability to hold more light, abundance & personal power

I have shared that I am a shadow hunter & am very much aware that whatever we are afraid of holds SO MUCH power till we start the initiation

None of these initiations activate & the codes don’t lock in from reading a book or taking a freebie lead magnet…intuition & embodiment is key!

Which is why so many struggle in their spiritual awakening through the false ascension grid that keeps them locked in loops. Never going deep enough to recognise they are trapped not free

I share online a fraction of what I do

It’s only in my exclusive work with select individuals that they are privy to some of the depths of unravelling that I am a master of

As this year is fully about breaking collective spells…not necessarily to stop something but to see what is in plain sight & often affecting you

I will be delving into Inter-generational trauma, bloodline magick, spiritual bondage, ancestral healing, secret societies & ascension grid work & light/dark workers tomorrow in the collective…

Come join us!

Allera xx


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