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Is your closed heart blocking love in your life?

The journey back to the heart ?

The heart field is electro magnetic!?

It’s powerful connection to source, soul & unity fields! ❤️

When open the sensitivity of the heart will alert you to all manner of discord.  From lies, deception & danger even if the outward scenario hasn’t quite revealed itself yet.?

Our heart field can become so expansive that through this expansion & explosion of senses we find ourselves tapping into EVERYTHING! ?

Dissolving the illusion of separation on all levels of consciousness! ?

Connecting to the deep soul wisdom of ONENESS! ?

This heart activation brings us back to our true soul self, creator and each other!  ❤️

No bridges, no illusions, no veils.

This comes with challenges as never on this planet have we asked to open our hearts, activate the Christ consciousness unity codes within us whilst amongst such depth of contrast around us.

To go from blocked & closed hearted to blasted wide open amongst such contract is often confusing, painful & a big test of energy boundaries.

Many get swept away on merry go rounds of new age illusion of love and light.  Disregarding the biggest act of self love is
strong boundaries! ??

In understanding some of our soul history & the distortions from past life connections into religions or cults where we gave all our power away to gods, goddesses or beings outside ourselves. ?

We thought that through sacrifice and open heartedness & through devotion that we were holding the frequency of love.?

Yet it came with constructs and conditions. Just as today’s 3d perceptions didn’t integrate the higher cosmic wisdom that was trying to be shared into the collective. ?

We took vows to gods.  We were bound at soul level to serve and obey. If we didn’t sacrifice our bodies, we sacrificed our spul & energy!?

So is it any wonder this time round we struggle do much with allowing our hearts to open once more?

Through my own journey towards Soul sovereignty I was faced with a vow that literally locked me into a mission & deep rooted contract to take on the suffering of the world.  It was my heart chakra through many lifetimes that had been processing the suffering on Earth.?

In a past life I had taken the Bodhissatva vow & I could see that to step into my sovereign power this time round.?

I could not do so if my soul continued to see my role on Earth through an old religious distorted construct.  ?

Sympathy, compassion & empathy were blurred. ?

I would be taken to the scene if road traffic accidents whilst someone had just died.  So I could assist with their transition.?

I would attract so much suffering to me like a magnet.  Whether it would be the places I visited & then found I was clearing trauma from the land I walked on or the waves of collective sorrow and grief that would be channeled through me for transmutation.?

My soul acted as though it was my purpose to be a human vacuum cleaner for suffering!

How many of you are overwhelmed so have closed your hearts?  Unknowingly blocking out pain but also love, romance, intuitive guidance & abundance?

In our next group ceremony within the Sovereign Sisterhood on Monday 25th May we will join together for a sacred tea ceremony whilst guided by Kuan Yin & the orange dragons that wish to assist us in connecting with our soul tribes & communities!

We will be releasing you from the vows, obligations & karma from past organisations. ?

So you are free to open your heart once more!❤️

Click here if you would like to join us:

New material & the recording of the recent group ceremony is also being added to the membership site this week!

So you can start your transformation amongst a powerful vortex of women -TODAY!

Allera x

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