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Is judgement blocking the abundance waiting for you?


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Even before I launched the immersion abundance started flowing in.

All unexpected

Upgraded hotels, gifts, opportunities & kind feedback!

Yet there is more & a much bigger picture what I’ve been guided to create as a core container for The Soul Architect Series: Amplifier: Made for More

Already I’m being guided to fully expand on what I want

Shifting my view point past the borders i set

Knowing this guidance always comes as it’s a time to accelerate

That when women see what is possible in others it activates a desire to make changes themselves

Scarcity, settling for crumbs & lack of clarity are some of the biggest saboteurs I see in women

So much conditioning they are unaware of their blind spots

It’s been a gift I hold to unlock each & every one in those I work with

As I know we are all made for more

Yet there’s so much programming still at play that we block it

I invite you to look at your language.  What you are writing in your sales copy…just today I read a post by someone advertising to help people change with their sessions but adding a clear message of their own limited poverty consciousness mindset.  How- by telling them that it’s not ‘spiritual’ to be living an abundant life.

Firstly there’s nothing spiritual about poverty & struggle.  That’s actually old religious programming

You can travel the world, have millions in the bank, take days off each week just to explore, visit new people, countries, cultures.  Buy luxury goods & send your kids to a great school.  Have generational wealth to ensure you look after the future lineage & still be spiritual

You choose the life you want to lead

It doesn’t come from standing on the side lines judging.  It comes from being in the game of life.  Stepping up again & again.

Secondly we are co-creators.  It’s all available to us if we’re ready to up level to achieve it

You are not limited by where you are, where you came from or what you have presently

Opportunities don’t knock on the door till you actually lock in the desire for more.

Look at what programming your running:

It will often show up in judgement.  Seeing someone else’s life & judging it rather than being inspired by it.

The women in the coaching world & other areas are creating the new feminine wealth template.  Financial freedom & literacy for women is partly how we become emancipated from the patriarchy

So it’s time to decide are you ready to play your part

It’s the biggest act of rebellion currently to choose happiness & financial freedom in life.  It will also shape society as you become less controllable by old paradigm systems that want to you stay small & stay in the box!

I activated the abundance vortex yesterday & was also gifted a new holo insert.  I will now share this in our opening session.

Integrating today & very excited to start playing with the energies of abundance with the group in the coming days

If you are ready to say yes to more

We start on the 18th Oct. This is an upgrade in each area of your life!

Payment plans available- DM me! X

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