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Is desire a trigger word for you?


Hey Beautiful Souls,

2021 is a year of further transformation for women.

Embodiment is they key!  Meaning you heal, transform & live from the new state!


No amount of book reading, analysing or any other activities of operating from the monkey mind are the answer.  It means getting comfortable with change.

I want to shift perspectives for you.  Change is just part of the recipe in order to receive the good stuff you desire ie that delicious cake at the end!

Once that cake is baked.  It’s likely you see another recipe & feel inspired to bake something different.  Choosing a new flavour or filling.  Driven by the desire for a new feeling & experience.

So the change cycle must naturally occur.  It’s all part of the process. If we lean into this we recognise that to receive the new we always have to let go of the old to make way.

Many women I have worked with stumble across an added challenge…

They don’t connect to what they desire.

It occurs in two ways.  They are often shut down from feeling.  So they don’t trust the guidance from heart, womb & pussy! Allowing creative energies to flow as part of the recipe of carving out lives we want.

This often occurs around 5 years old when little girls have learnt to behave in certain ways to receive approval & love from others.

Leaving them often feeling deep mistrust in dreaming big or feeling pleasure in life.  All laden with guilt & shame.

The other way I see this play out is that women won’t decide what they want.  Meaning they aren’t locking in their desires.  So it doesn’t connect to the powerful source creation energy in their field to ground it.  It’s like sending mixed messages.  I want it but I also don’t want it.

This year women are being called to release themselves from carrying the weight of others.  No more carrying the masculine in your lives either.  You have a big task at hand to focus on re-anchoring within yourselves which then creates collective change…

Pleasure & desire are keys to feminine manifestation & flow.  Allowing our bodies to guide us & trust in the language they transmit.  Then to integrate this with the psychic abilities we have been re-activating over the past few years.

It’s often a big missing part of the puzzle & connects to blocks to own desires & using your voice to claim them & in also being able to receive!

Unpicking the blocks to receiving is part of this theme & journey of activating the feminine flame of desire, sensuality & orgasmic creation for women.

A woman’s pleasure is a gift to the Earth.  It’s vibrations are of the highest creation energy.  It’s why they suppressed the priestesses & witches…they were connected to the source creation energy that runs through them & could ground it into their realities.

Many of the ancient rituals & magickal blessing ceremonies were to do just that!

I have created a free gift for you…

To start you on your 2021 journey to reclining your birth right of pleasure, magick & feminine power!

You will receive a series of powerful transmissions delivered directly to your inbox over 3 days.

Step into Desire, purpose & pleasure

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Allera xx

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