Intrusive negative thoughts when you wake up? Read here: - Pure Light 1111

Intrusive negative thoughts when you wake up? Read here:


Hey Gorgeous soul,

Do you wake up & move to a default thought, image, memory or scenario?

One that’s based in worry, fear or lack?

Do you find yourself with ruminating thoughts that keep you worrying you won’t meet the goal?

Or even that you will fail if you go all in for your desires?

Have you noticed that all the healing & affirmations doesn’t stop this?

You are getting a glimpse of your own energetic set point- like looking at the thermometer!

When we wake up we get a glimpse closer to what’s happening under the surface

A glimpse into what the ego is creating for you through the programs of the unconscious

However that’s just part of this

What we are we attract!

So you are attracting from these strongly charged messages!

Which is completely keeping you stuck!

?It’s time to go deeper to understand what is actually happening here on the physical & unseen planes

?I will break down HOW you are creating this situation

?Then you will have the conscious awareness of the HOW & WHY to shift this!

?I will be combining teaching to help elevate you into a higher level of self empowerment & doing the deep alchemical work to shift at root

?Shift your thermostat to a higher set point that you can’t sabotage as we’ve worked at the root

❤️Result – you complete a soul lesson, gain clarity & confidence & have the tools to understand what’s happening & shift it yourself when it next happens!

Join us for this powerful ‘life skill’ needed at this time where it’s a challenge to define what is ours & what belongs to others (or is being streamed to us through media etc)

I’ll be live on zoom in the All Rise Conscious Collective: Rebels & Priestesses community next week.

Only £88/month.  Unsubscribe anytime.

Love & expansion

Allera x

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