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International Doula week


This week is International Doula week!  I recently completed Doula training at the Birth Bliss Academy to assist in the Womb Healing work I am doing with my clients.  Many of whom come to me needing help to resolve birth trauma or are experiencing fertility issues.

The training highlighted to me how stark and disconnected the birth process has become globally.  Medical intervention is seen as the norm and often stats are banded about to create fear and push a woman to make a decision that suits the hospital rather than her heart.  Women have very much been disconnected from their own inner power & in finding their voices through the initiation of becoming a birth shaman- a portal to bring spirit through to physical.

To become a mother is far more than the physical transformation.  It’s a soul contract and initiation.

The levels of patriarchal influence over birth has many layers of discord caused by the disbanding of the womb colleges of ancient times and shutting down the temples due to patriarchal rule (ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman invasion & the rise of Christianity).  Prior to that there was more balance and understanding in our connection to the womb of Mother Earth, the cosmic womb and how this interconnects through us all.

I have visited womb temples in the UK and on one occasion stumbled across a shamanic drumming experience in full swing.  I joined in the darkness and sat amongst two people drumming & chanting.  We had a crystal chalice singing bowl with us and added our offerings to the blessings and chants.  We were surrounded in a very dark, grounded and kind of primordial environment.  Yet it felt safe.  It had different inter connecting caverns.  I could imagine it being a place where many women came for their birth ceremonies.

In the ancient Egypt cults of Goddess Isis and Hathor.  Dance was used to assist in the hypnotic state of birth.  It helped not only in the birth process but to integrate the soul fully into the body.

Egyptian belly dancing has its roots in birth rituals.  Birth was an experience seen as a gift from the gods.  It also was seen as something where women could step into their power.  It was a rite of passage.  It was also was an experience that could be done through pleasure.

You may be wondering what I mean by that.  Whilst in the labour period we have just as much opportunity to be in a state of fear and adrenalin thus resulting often in struggle and medical intervention.  As we do experiencing birth through an array of feel good hormones brought on through intimate touching, stroking, kissing and pleasure which brings huge doses of oxytocin the love hormone.  Meaning to take the path of what is now more widely known as an orgasmic birth.

I recently watched an interview about orgasmic birthing and this comment stuck in my mind.  ‘’If you were to hear an orgasmic birth. It would sound like a woman having great sex’’.  I watched these women give birth and they are grounded in their bodies, moving and writhing and completely in tune with the sensations occurring.  They are in control.

Yet from my recent Doula course and other research I have done whilst watching interviews.  The clear message is that it’s often the people surrounding the woman during birth from the partner to the medical team who find it uncomfortable to hear a woman express herself during labour that leads to intervention.  The moans and sounds she makes to work with the flow of contractions triggers the people around her.  So the intervention offering is often to relieve themselves just as much as they are trying to help the woman by offering pain solutions.

Imagine during ancient times how uncomfortable the patriarchal organisations were in finding that a woman has the power to experience birth through pleasure when they destroyed the temples and drove out the priestesses!

Those working in the temples and feminine arts were labelled by patriarchal religions as witches.  Which bundled together, included priestesses, healers, midwives, doulas and herbalists and put them all at risk.  To openly practice would mean you risked your own life.  So the wisdom became diluted and went underground.

How many people in present day scenarios would feel uncomfortable hearing a woman expressing pleasure during birth?  Then again try to control and intervene thus disempowering a woman to trust in her own body?  We are programmed to undermine and control a woman’s self expression in the most natural of bodily experiences.

For many attracted to my work you too hold this wisdom within you at soul level.  When I dug into my own Akashic records to see my connections.  I have had 3 past lives where I have experienced orgasmic births.  My soul holds that wisdom within me.  This means I can recreate that again in this timeline.  Often it’s just because we have never even been told these things are possible that we don’t get to experience them.  So by writing this I am offering an access point for you to explore.

Within these feminine and earth based teachings all cycles of a woman’s path from first menstruation, childbirth, becoming a mother and menopause were not only taught but supported and celebrated.  This wisdom & connection for women is hugely missing and is not only an art, it’s an important part of a women’s rite of passage.

The priestesses were the spiritual midwives of their time. They each had different roles and what we know as a modern day Doula (birth support) would have been entwined with this.  There’s also evidence that these roles were played out amongst many of the ancient societies. The role of the feminine was valued to more depth in those times.  It was seen that a woman was a portal to the Divine.  They understood the power of menstrual blood energetically and the power of the womb matrix.

The spiritual midwife soul contract is something I have taken on in this life too.  I am a channel & conduit to assist spirits to transition to the light after death but I am also someone who can assist new spirit babies ground Earthbound into their next soul journey.

This fractured experience women go through in life, is as though we’re trying to embody a feminine rite through old patriarchal programming.  All within a society that has not known any different.  We are so unprepared for the journey of birth as our society has stripped the roots from us.

We are told as a child how bad child birth is & that our periods are a curse.  Bleeding is seen as dirty.  Then to embody our own inner sexuality as a woman we are shamed as a slut.

All of this programming has to be disbanded.   This means doing the deep soul work to shift not only the subconscious beliefs that are held but also the unresolved trauma each woman carries.  Each woman carried 8 generations of ancestral imprinting, belief patterning and trauma in her womb matrix!

If we don’t break free from these patriarchal shackles.  We just hand it down to the next generation.

It was what led me to go deep into my own Womb Healing journey.  Healing layers of ancestral trauma in connection to all manner of abuse, disempowerment, medical intervention and fear. This is not the experiences I choose for myself in this incarnation or my children.  It stops here, now.

Birth physiology is not taught in schools or from our mothers or grandmothers.  So the fears and traumas of their own fractured experiences get handed down.  Not only through epigenetics but also through energetic imprinting in the womb matrix.  So we carry fears that don’t belong to us and where there is fear there is increased adrenaline.  The exact opposite of the state we need to be in to give birth.  None of this is taught but it needs to be.

There is a huge layer of shadow being lifted globally around birth currently.  The quite frankly abusive comments and behaviours I have heard that occur during the birth process need to start being publicised.

Over the next 2-3 expect this to be a huge expansion of female empowerment.  It means the house has to be pulled down to rebuild a castle.  The darkness has to be seen.

In any other work environment people would lose their jobs due to their mis conduct.  HR would jump on them straight away.  Yet in the hospitals their is a darkness and shadow of control.  The moment many step through the doors we give our power over.  Disconnecting from our intuition and judgement to know we can still say No.

This is why as women it’s so important to find your voices and share your birth stories.  Not just on social media but start logging complaints and reporting medical practitioners who act in ways that are abusive.  Abuse only carries on when it’s hidden.  It’s always about creating change through visibility.

If you are curious and this post is speaking to you.  Start the path of your own Womb awakening now.  Be the change for your lineage.  Clear the trauma and the patterns and create the birth experience you want rather than manifesting what you don’t want out of fear.

If you would like to start the journey.  You can download a free Womb Healing meditation here:

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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