Inner alchemy over the Pink moon - Pure Light 1111

Inner alchemy over the Pink moon


Take time today to go inwards & reflect.

A moment of stillness as the metaphysical dust settles.

Notice how different it feels in your body.

Listen to the alerts, messages & intuitive insights that your physical organs, bones & vessel is giving you.  Where are there old patterning & programming blocking you?

The body has intelligence but will stop you in your tracks at times of rapid spiritual growth.  It will often need time to catch up after huge light upgrades.

We have just gone through an intense lead up to an alchemy of sacred marriage of our inner masculine & feminine. A recalibration of our fields.  A shift many weren’t working towards but also are feeling off kilter as this will start to affect the outer perspective and way of being.

As within so without.  This inner alchemy for many is going to bring more strength to your masculine side.  As often it was rejected.

Yet balanced masculine & feminine is the new paradigm.  One we must navigate & start to express outwardly.

Notice what projects you feel compelled to complete over the coming days.  New wind in your sails.  An extra burst of confidence in self & your part in the wider cosmic cycle.

You matter.  Your contribution to society matters.  Your unique message & frequency is very much needed at this time.

If you feel the impulse to clear out old clutter around you.  Clear the decks now.  It’s a fresh start & rebirth of being.

Creating space to birth the new you.  Into your projects, your businesses & your relationships.

In 3 days time an energy surge will be received to support us further in this.  Then again in May another shift occurs to rapidly transport us forward.  Like a wave bringing us closer to the shores of our goals.  Ride these with grace and through action, life will move for you.

If you resist or find yourself trapped in your mind or entangled in the collective swarm of fear & chaos.  It will feel like being knotted in a ball of wool.  The more you struggle and resist the tighter, more anxious and constricted you feel.

Surrender the struggle.  Choose ease.  Choose to streamline your life to step away from things that are a drain of your creative energies.  Make an inventory of what you don’t enjoy doing in your life and business.  What can be delegated and automated to bring you more space & freedom?

When we have space to create we experience more joy.  Joy is the frequency of miracles & master manifestation.

Use this next cycle over the coming weeks to realign yourself to more joy.

Love and abundant blessings

Allera x

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