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Initiations & Upgrades


I would like to help reframe something that becomes a huge blind spot for many.

I see groups on social media relentlessly posting about their array of ascension ailments, chaotic energy symptoms & wanting validation on these almost daily.  So much energy & focus is placed on these charged topics that it has created its own field of consciousness.  A morphic field charged with a tidal wave of instability, fear, apathy, curiosity & plugs into victim consciousness.  As underpinning these observations is a belief everything is externally happening to them.  We all choose our own path of awakening but many remain stuck in these groups & looping patterns of thinking for years.  Like a sail boat being tossed around in the storm.

Many lower energy agendas on this planet have the intention of keeping society as close to unconscious as possible. So where people are waking up & becoming aware of themselves & the world being interlinked & energetic by nature.  They align themselves with groups where they actually become locked into the lower consciousness agenda just by being part of it.  These energies have an agenda to keep souls from ascending to a state of divine sovereignty.  What I see happening is that many stay at this consciousness state as they don’t see there is another route or path that frees them from it.

The missing link is that they haven’t integrated the unhealed pieces surfacing.  They aren’t using these planetary energy shifts pushing each of us to purge by actually doing the deeper soul work needed for them to elevate to a place where regardless of what’s going on energetically around you.  You are not affected.

If you are resonating with feeling like you have been attempting to swim against the tide & seeing your outer reality crumble around you.  Know you are actually on an initiation.

If you imagine you wouldn’t get in a car having never learnt to drive & expect to confidently drive, navigate & know how to read your situation fully.  You wouldn’t expect to automatically be able to have the innate judgement of distance to the cars or objects around you or know how to swiftly manoeuvre out of danger in an emergency situation.  You would have to spend time learning these new skills in the new reality of being a driver & integrate them fully so you could do them as second nature.

We go through an initiation of sorts to learn & master each new skill.  The awakening process is just that.  Many different initiations.  Allowing you to acquire the skills of self mastery.

Part of this self mastery requires you to acquire & integrate virtues.  For many virtues of forgiveness, compassion, love, patience & intuition as high on the list.  By mastering these it also opens up your soul to be able to master the spiritual laws which require a number of virtues for you to access & work with in an empowered way.  It also speeds up your ability to manifest & start fulfilling your purpose.

The mastery of neutrality was my recent initiation where literally everything was thrown at me from all dimensional levels to block the next stage of my path.  It was quite literally a spiritual assault course & layers upon layers came up daily for me to unpick the access points (the past life beliefs/trauma & agreements) allowing a new line into my energy field.  My initiation was to not drop my vibration throughout.  It was to clear whatever was thrown at me, identify the root of each piece & heal at soul level energetically.  Which is how you ascend past these obstacles.  You have to face them head on & not get into the drama/story or chaos.  It’s about recognising the choices at soul level that were made to manifest your present situation.  Then healing it.  Releasing it & letting go of the identity to the unravelling stories that arise.

Although this period went on for a few months.  It brought a period of rapid growth & soul elevation as I cleared at root a huge amount of baggage for myself & my monad group.  Ending a cycle & freeing me from a contract to do this work again.   My challenge was not to be caught up in the chaos.  Not to be influenced by the lower 4th plane energies who feed on the chaos & fear based agenda on the planet.  Not to be sucked into anyone else’s experience or drama.  It was to remain neutral & utilise my toolkit to tackle everything coming my way.

It allowed a higher dimensional soul aspect of myself to be integrated into form now which brought with it further healing abilities & insights that I need for my next leg of the journey.

I share this as I want you to know that whatever the situation you are in.  Nothing is static.  It can all change in an instant.  When you understand what you are trying to master & do the inner soul work.  The shifts are quick.  I’m not talking magic wand wishful thinking.  It requires you to have the desire for change, the accountability to take action & an innate inner knowing that you deserve it.  The initiation is then brought to you to assist your growth.

If you are questioning your current situation & stuck on how to quickly move forwards in all areas of your life.  It can help to have someone give you the tools and act as an access point to uncover the blind spots holding you back so you can integrate the lesson & create something new in your life.

I offer 121 sessions, 121 coaching programs & have online healing programs to help you accelerate past your blocks in a grounded way using the gifts & tools I have integrated within my own life.

The Online Twin Flame Healing Program takes you through multiple layers of unpeeling the energetic layers of self.  From clearing over 1000 limiting beliefs, ancestral healing, core wound healing, childhood developmental healing, dark night of the soul transformation, morphic field manifestations, past life healing in the Akashic records (clearing over 34 key timelines) & giving you the tools to do all this & more yourself.

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Allera xx

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