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Illusions: Food = Love


Lots of old dysfunctional ways of coping are being triggered for both men and women at the moment.  Many are being pushed to surrender layer upon layer of old baggage weekly.  Pushing them deeper into inner pools of self.  Making them face all the ways they try to avoid loving themselves.

Addictions to substances, alcohol, sex and casual relationships have been replaced with the safety of food.  Desperately trying to fill the inner void with any form of easy comfort.  Often believing it’s the acceptable route without the shame or social stigma attached.

I want to add some colour around why this is being brought to the surface and why Twin Flames are being called to face more inner truths.

Right the way back to our first day in the world.  Our first experience of food was to suckle from our mothers breast (or bottle).  This becomes a food/love anchor (a trigger or stimulus that retrieves a desired emotional state).    We become filled with oxytocin (bonding hormone/cuddle chemical) and we relax in to a warm, safe state where we allow inner equilibrium to fill our bodies.  Receiving a long standing connection between food, love, safety and comfort. Our relationship with food starts back to day one!

Our experiences of trauma around food can also start on day one.  Whatever mothers emotional state is at the time of feeding (whether breast or bottle) is fully felt and absorbed by the babies highly sensitive body.  Have you ever tried to eat whilst experiencing a state of frustration or anger?  You in many cases can’t digest and lose your appetite.  Well that’s essentially what a child would experience if the mother is feeling that way at feeding time.  A lot of eating issues arise due to the mothers energetic state!  The mothers inner chaos is felt by the infant not only as babies but right the way through childhood!

So fast forward to the first year of life.  In some cases the mother is consistent with how she expresses love.  Meaning it’s not only limited to feeding but it’s also expressed through speech, touch, nurturing and ensuring the child’s physical and emotional needs are met.

Twin Flames have picked the tough family templates to incarnate into.  This means in most cases being born into families where love was not only conditional.  In many cases it was completely limited to fulfilling the basic need of being fed.  These parents themselves were still operating from a place of the wounded child.  They didn’t have the emotional capacity to attune to their child’s full array of needs.  They themselves had a limited ability of awareness and empathy to meet them.

This scenario is prevalent across all socio economic groups.  This is where many people will have a perception that just because they grew up in a home where their material needs were met.  They are completely blind to the fact they were in fact emotionally neglected.

So picture a scenario where both parents were not meeting the emotional needs of a child.  Perhaps a child showing emotion or expressing themselves was frowned upon or invoked anger from their caregivers.  Touch and affection was scarce.  Perhaps when the child needed support, they asked for help but were dismissed or ignored.  To the point where the child decided to stop asking for help and support again.  Having learnt it’s too painful to reach out and have their request rejected.  So they learn the pattern of suppressing their needs and feelings.

Growing up as a child in this scenario often means food has become an anchor for love.  It becomes the only way they receive any love or attention in the world.  Being fed by their caregiver was the only source of emotional and nutritional nourishment experienced.

We tend to have associations with sweet food reflecting love.  Breast milk and formula is sweet tasting.  Also imagine a childhood nursery treat like sponge pudding and custard.  It can invoke memories of being cared for as a child at dinner time.  Mothers love provided through a sweet pudding.

Lollipops and sweets given as treats and rewards are common whilst growing up.   When eaten they create a cocktail of chemical changes in the body.  Sugary snacks trigger dopamine responses in the brain in the same way taking cocaine would!  So there’s a chemical and emotional connection linking eating these foods to feelings of being loved and cared for.   Which is why many reach for the biscuit tin to self soothe

This can create a pattern of an ongoing affair, where food can become a soothing drug in life, often in excess.  Leading to cycles of feeling out of control, under eating, over eating and riding a wave of highs and lows.

This pattern is coming to the surface to be healed for many Twin Flames.  Food is being used as a crutch by many to fill the gap where self love is lacking.  True self care wasn’t learnt as a child as the parents didn’t have a firm grip on it themselves.  They may have been consumed on the external reflection of appearance through clothes or grooming.  Yet neglected to teach their children the importance of healthy nutrition, rest and exercise as a tool to create inner balance and harmony as a core foundation.

So why is this coming up now you may ask.  There’s three key reasons.

Firstly, we must learn to manage our energy.  This not only includes clearing our energy field using meditations.  It means starting to become intuitive in what food energy fuel we put in our bodies so that we can keep our selves balanced and in high vibrations.  Checking in and asking yourself how eating a certain food will make you feel in 10mins time.  Then how will you feel 30mins after eating it?  Will you feel alert and satisfied or sluggish and a bit guilty?  When you eat, are you present at that time or in a trance state just putting food in your mouth?  A big sign when you’re eating to suppress an emotional need is you may feel spacey and not fully engaged and you will often not even be truly hungry.  All of this is coming up to shine a light on where we can make more conscious choices in our day.

If you are constantly skipping meals or eating unhealthily it will affect your blood sugar levels.  Leaving you feeling the swings of hunger, tiredness or states of being ‘up’ and the crashes that follow.  It’s hard to keep your mind calm and thoughts positive in those situations.  So will affect our ability to hold a vibration of joy!

The second reason is we must learn to let go of using external drugs, people, food, sex, stimulants to fill a need for love.  We have to start looking after ourselves and our bodies like we would a child.  This means to start looking after our basic needs (even if they weren’t met as a child).  When we do this we heal ourselves.  In doing so we also shift our energetic make up from lack of love to abundance which attracts more of the same to us.  If we look after our needs and can care for this aspect of ourselves.  It means we attract others who do as well.

Divine Masculine are noticing the pattern between unmet childhood needs and their choices in women.  Many have attracted relationships where they subconsciously want the woman to be their mothers.  Filling the role of parent and caregiver.  This may manifest in a woman who cooks for them (showing love through food) but also brings the emotional detachment or narcissistic traits their mothers held.  Thus showing them their wounds.

This has left the men reverting to control , punishing tactics or acting out when the woman doesn’t meet these deep unmet needs.  It’s common for someone to act out and regress to the age they were when the unmet need occurred.  Causing conflict and confusion in why they keep repeating the same patterns in relationships.

It doesn’t matter who the woman is.  No woman can meet these needs.  He has to face the wounds and heal these parts himself.  Until then he will keep attracting the same types of women till the wounds are healed.

The third is, many Twin Flames are being called to shift their family dynamics in the coming weeks and months.  This means Twins reconnecting and navigating the new terrain of creating a life together, changes to living arrangements, house moves and even re negotiation of custody agreements are ahead.  We are being pushed to start getting the strong foundations in place now.  It’s a push by the souls to start grounding the new relationship and family templates.  The children of Twin Flames are dependent on being brought up in healthy environments which support their awakening and growth.  Not only for their spiritual growth but also for their emotional needs to be met and for good mental health.  A home filled with chaos and arguments provides the opposite.

How you treat your body, your health and the types of romantic relationships you have, are the current ‘templates’ you are handing to your children.  If you show your kids the way to cope with a busy day is bottle of wine and sugary snacks.  That’s what they learn.  If you show your kids that it’s normal to start a new diet plan every Monday and food is to be feared.  That’s what they adopt as their core beliefs.

Twin Flames are being awakened to release all the negative core beliefs, childhood traumas and coping mechanisms they learnt from their parents.  So rather than handing more baggage to our own children.  We’re being called to create new functional models by healing ourselves and making new choices.

Teaching them food is to nourish our bodies not become a substitute for love.  Understanding that whatever emotions we experience whilst eating are literally being swallowed and digested.  So making meal times a calmer experience, not times for tense debates and arguments.

Through our own conscious awareness of our bodies needs, we naturally teach our children to intuitively do the same.  They become more accepting and loving of their bodies, able to listen to the signs and signals they provide.  Feeling confident to feel and connect to what their body needs at any time.  They learn the foundations for self care and love.

The Twin Flame union is the opportunity to create a new relationship template for your children.  Showing them a working example of a relationship filled with love, trust, honesty, open communication, support, compassion, intimacy, success, abundance and joy.  This becomes their love template.  What they go out and attract and manifest in their own relationships.  They don’t fear love or doubt joy, as they grew up surrounded by it.

By you healing yourself and slaying your inner dragons.  You clear the path for the future generations.

Take some time to look at your own patterns.

  • How do you cope with stress?  Do you find yourself comfort eating to deal with your emotions?
  • What messages have you shown your children through your own relationship with food?
  • What examples have you set your children about self care and love?
  • How do you express love to your children?  (Material gifts, food, listening to them, words, affection, support etc).
  • What kind of romantic relationship templates are you handing to your children currently?

What action can you take today to create the shifts needed to give your children a different future?

If you want to create new self care foundations and heal from unmet needs through your childhood periods (0-18 years old).  Including removing beliefs such as food equals love or alcohol equals love.  Then check out the Twin Flame Healing Program here:

If you are already following the program.  Complete the following sections/meditations to help you heal from childhood wounds and illusions, implement a strong self care routine and set new love templates.

  • Reparenting yourself & looking after the temple- self-care meditation
  • Blocks to soul love meditation
  • Reparenting yourself & looking after the inner temple- Inner child healing meditation
  • Journey of the soul – core wound, relationship with the creator & separation from your Twin Flame Healing

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