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Illness & injury as a pathway to soul growth


Happy Monday!

So normally I only do a liver and heavy metal cleanse once a year in spring. However the past few weeks I was guided to do another heavy metal cleanse and to now do a 20 day liver cleanse. I’m an intuitive and I listen & take action. I trust what I’m being guided to is for my highest & best good. Why, you might ask? I’m seeing the results!

9 weeks ago I suffered an annular tear in a disc in my back. I can’t take pharmaceutical pain relief so relied on a tens machine & channeling angelic reiki. My guides said up the anti inflammatory foods in your diet you will be fine. You’ll heal quicker than expected. So I started taking curcumin, 10ml extra omega 3,6,9 & extra magnesium each day. I knew to heal I needed extra protein so upped that by 25g a day by adding a vegan protein smoothie. Easy simple changes all made on day 2 post the injury. Along with 200c arnica.

I was also guided to incorporate adaptogens to my daily intake. This was simple I added a delicious turmeric latte (with coconut mylk) and a spoonful of Wunder workshop Golden Balance (Ashwagandha & Turmeric blend) to my evening routine.

I sought alternative ways to help speed up the healing in an area of the body that doesn’t get a lot of fresh oxygen & blood supply. It led me to start using an infra red sauna 2-3x a week. Not only did this help with the pain. It also meant I regained mobility after each session. I also used homeopathy.

4 weeks ago I was unable to get dressed without lying on my back on my bed. I couldn’t reach down to do up my shoes or do the basic things we take for granted like being able to sit down for a period of 20 mins without being in pain!

With any injury or illness it’s never truly about just the incident in this lifetime. I know for anything to manifest into physical form in the body there must first be an origin in the energy and spirit field. As souls we often choose an illness as a catalyst for transformation and soul growth. In some cases it can be the start of a spiritual awakening. The ability to transform, heal and overcome a challenge becomes the path to their purpose. I never take things at face value. I always dig way beneath the surface.

So what was going on for me…it certainly puzzled my consultant that I’d managed to do such a serious injury jogging on the treadmill. He said he felt unable to help me as his only tools to stop the pain were an epidural or strong painkillers. Which he knew were off the menu. He was open to me finding a solution as long as I was sensible!

So I went away & tuned into what was going on. I looked at the next body of work coming through me and I saw what I had essentially manifested. An experience to help me help others! This isn’t the first time ?. My soul seems to like existential learning. A backlog of injuries (and even healing myself of endometriosis through my own womb healing) have played out in my life. I have since cleared the belief that I have to advance my healing abilities this way!

My work is being strongly directed to help women & children in many ways. One of which is through not only helping women step into their power, create soul fulfilling businesses, live abundant lives and heal from their pasts.

I’m working more and more with the high vibrational spirit babies wanting to be incarnated at this time. Part of this is pre conception cleansing (healing our wounding & making lifestyle changes including detoxes to support pregnancy). I had already been told that I had to be no longer taking thyroxine for thyroid issues when my own child comes through.

I also knew that postpartum energetically a woman’s field is very vulnerable and in particular if there has been a caesarean as this trauma in the body needs to be cleared (in most cases it’s linked to a past life experience the soul is repeating to try to resolve by re-living). It’s often a looping pattern & can also be an ancestral imprint. All of which can be resolved in the Akashic records (soul records).

I realised the injury I had manifested had put me in the same position as a woman recovering from a caesarean. I couldn’t bend or lift for 6 weeks. I even got stuck in the bath as I no longer had the stomach muscles to support me lifting myself up! My whole pelvis has tilted forwards post the injury leaving me looking pregnant as well. Much to the shock of my friends!

At six weeks my consultant said I was ok for the physio to start working with me. Anytime before would have caused a flare up. So all I did was rest and take gentle walks daily till then. It was whilst working with the physio I asked him about my symptoms and the rehab. Is this the same as what you would recommend a woman recovering from a caesarean? He said yes!

As with anything that comes into my radar I knew there was work for me to do at soul level. I was able to see a number of different timelines with different roots which had merged & were in a looping pattern for my soul. The injury had been an opportunity for soul growth in experiencing what it would be like to recover from a caesarean birth even though I had already cleared that timeline from my soul records, so it would not be a something I experienced physically in this lifetime. It was to equip me with the tools I needed to help others manage pain & work with the subconscious to speed up healing.

I accessed a root past life in the Akashic records where it showed me deep trauma of experiences in a period of time where women were essentially being used for breeding. I found energetic implant devices in my etheric field in the area of my back injury. These act as disrupters in our energy field which block the correct flow of energy. They are actually very common and I remove in clients frequently. They were placed there in a time period where patriarchy and darkness had taken over. A woman’s womb power was essentially disconnected and ownership handed over to a master. A form of womb ownership or slavery. I wasn’t alone in this experience. This was one of the darker ‘experiments’ that happened on Earth and was coming up now as my soul was wanting to heal and release itself.

In doing so I was told I must also share this with others through my work as many other women incarnated at this time are also affected and it’s impacting not only fertility but their self expression and stepping out in the the public stage with their unique messages! All in line with the Womb Healing work I am doing with clients!

So once I cleared this timeline. I felt lighter. Like a huge weight had been lifted. Full of energy and my whole energy field shifted to a higher resonance. It was at this point I was guided- your thyroid is healed wean yourself off your medication. You no longer need it. That deep repression filled timeline has been the final layer I had to release!

That was 5 weeks ago. I’m continuing to listen to my higher self and the crew whilst obviously following what my body is telling me. Along side regular blood tests to track progress.

Not only do I have the green light from the consultant to exercise again & that I no longer need to see him as I’ve reduced the pain by 80% in 4 weeks. I’ve also reduced my thyroxine medication by 50% & my test results show I’m in a healthy range too!

So the next leg is to give my liver a helping hand with a cleanse and also doing another heavy metal detox for good measure. There are links between thyroid issues & heavy metals. I’ve tested my levels and they are low but I’m trusting my instincts here.

I’m continuing with the infra red saunas twice a week as they also help heat your core body temperature which gives my thyroid some support too! I’m monitoring my temperature each morning to keep an eye on any changes that also alert me to any shifts.

On top of it all I’m loving my soul deeper and deeper as it reveals to me the adventures it has had. It’s bravery and compassion to come back and play this game of life once more. Peeling off the dark and painful layers to emancipate itself and help others do the same!

So never get caught up in the victim mindset at life’s challenges. You never know they may be the bolt cutters to the chains restraining you if you are willing to accept the challenge and shift your perspective.

Nothing happens by chance and even the most painful of experiences offer us soul freedom, though we often can’t see it at the time. The darkest moments offer the biggest release once we work through them.

From my own experiences they are often huge leaps in spiritual growth & in hindsight I see them as markers and initiations I had to pass even if I couldn’t see the bigger picture at that time. The fuller view is always revealed in good time.

If you need support delving into the deeper layers on your healing journey with someone who has walked into the depths herself & isn’t scared to guide you through yours.

Then I may be the intuitive coach for you!

Here’s a bit more about me.

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Love & blessings
Allera xx

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