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If not now, then when. Tough love talk


Soul sister,

If not now- When?

What are you avoiding facing?

What desire are you saying no to as it doesn’t make logical sense but you know your soul is wanting you to say yes?

Logic isn’t the best friend of the soul. It’s just a limited cage you allow yourself to become trapped in.

The soul desires expansiveness through experience, growth, purpose & pleasure.

If you are suppressing desire your altering the timelines your soul wishes to engage in.

Those that align you closer to self, source & a soul aligned experience!

Each day has to be appreciated as it’s literally banking all intention, action & energy! You are filling an energetic account daily whether you consciously realise this or not.

Choose to face what you are fearing. The gifts & expanse is always the other side. That’s why the triggers & reminders are brought to you. Time to do the deeper work & shift your whole reality!

Watch today’s deep dive…be ready for tough love soul talk!

Allera x

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