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If I allowed the opinions of others to influence my life I would be dead


Gorgeous souls,

I’m felt compelled to share with you.

That one of the biggest lessons we learn is to listen to our inner voice over everything!

Does this mean you’re always right? No, it means with the tools you have in the tool kit you access the deep knowing within & trust it.  Regardless.

Others opinions create imprints in our energy field if we accept them.

I spend a lot of time with clients recalibration their energy field & nervous system due to these projections.

The opinions of others (especially from the family matrix) are often blind spots.  As we don’t understand that we have swallowed whole someone else’s views, beliefs & opinions of us.

We then wonder why we continue to attract similar treatment.  It’s literally encoded into our energy field.  So on some level it’s familiar & we accept it.

This means we are unconsciously creating our lives with these old junky toxic opinions running in the background!

Here’s a few I was told:

– Father: You’ll be dead by 21.

– Mother: Who do you think you are? Wait till you’re older & you’ll be knocked down for all the big ideas you have.

– Old Boss: Telling me communication was a development area (because I said no & set a boundary at work)

– Ex colleague when I got promoted above them: How can a 21 year old do this job? You’re barely out of school. (She had just turned 40 that week)!

– Ex childhood male friend: Girls like you would have normally had kids early & done nothing in their lives. (I was a 28 year old VP in Investment Banking – he thought because I cut contact with my family at 18 I wouldn’t have achieved what I had).

– Ex boyfriend: What do you mean you are earning £22k a month? How can I compete with that! (After that I jumped to £38k then £52k months minus the boyfriend of course)!

– Ex Colleague: Your business won’t ever out earn your banking salary so what’s the point! (Little did he know not only had I found my soul purpose & was helping people.  I was running a multi 6 figure side hustle so had accelerated past his limited perceptions of me)!

– Guy after a few dates: Don’t share what you do with my neighbours as they’ll think you’re crazy?! (Bye bye – no more dates for him)

Let them think what they want!

Clear your energy regularly & heal the inner wounds that cause you to unconsciously attract this bullshit & allow it into your field & reality!

Don’t let anymore hold you back from what lights you up!

The more you tap into soul. The more soul aligned allies you will attract.

Drop the haters.  They just dull your sparkle.

Allera xx

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