I want to connect & hear your voices! Join me on clubhouse - Pure Light 1111

I want to connect & hear your voices! Join me on clubhouse


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

As much as people complain & project doom & gloom against social media!

I choose to use it to connect, learn, expand & have impact!

Never have women been able to connect in such an effortless global manner without patriarchal or societal blocks before!

Each one of us now has a platform to use her voice at the touch of a button!

How exciting, magical & powerful is that!

So I’m making the most of this opportunity & recently joined clubhouse! As with all platforms there’s lots of groups, energies & topics.  That’s where your energetic boundaries & discernment comes in.

However where else could I have had the opportunity to join a call with Elon Musk?!

It’s providing a huge access point for many areas of society & business to mix, learn & cross pollinate!  It’s a new eco system!

So I’d love to connect with you & will be setting up a weekly chat very soon!

Come follow me @alleradawn on clubhouse!

I do often get spare invites & have shared with my clients!

You do need an iPhone to join.  It’s still in beta phase so not live for android yet!

Looking forward to connecting soon!

Allera xx


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