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The statement ‘’ I am…’’ Has the most power to expand or limit you than anything else you or anyone else says about you.

It’s pillar by which we must dig deep into the foundations & unearth the hiding mistruths you hold about yourself.

It’s literally the key to your own cage of soul freedom & the access code to abundance.

To weald it’s true potential you must remove the cloaks of illusion shielding the inner truth of who you truly are.

This means not only looking at the surface beliefs you clutch at whilst reading this.  It means digging into the distorted beliefs.  The one’s you are ashamed to admit you hold.  The deeply emotionally charged ones you’d rather overlook.  Finding these is the passcode to the next level.  The next part is to understand why you hold them.  What experience you had in this or another timeline that led you to take on such a loaded belief.  It may even be the belief was passed down genetically. A family gift of distortion that just keeps giving.

To get at these deeply hidden core beliefs & remove & replace them.  You have to do the soul work as many will have travelled with your soul throughout it’s different timeline experiences.  Causing all manner of repeating traumas and dramas to manifest by holding them.  It’s like a compounding build up on energy.  So much that each belief thought form can even become so heavily charged with emotional energy that it can take the form of an entity itself.  Which will literally lock a person into breaking free of the looping patterns.

I held an array of dysfunctional beliefs which caused a catalogue of blocks for me in all areas of my life.  From how I looked & felt about my body, my perception of love to money & even my health.  I even had a belief that alcohol was love & that pain was love.  Two toxic beliefs that attracted in a dysfunctional relationship with myself & others.

I had a belief that if I was wealthy I would be killed.  A bleed from an open past life that haunted me for many years & that had to be cleared before I launched my business.

I also held beliefs that were strongly affecting my relationships & stepping into my power.  I had a belief that I was a sex slave and even that I was a concubine.  All of which attracted narcissistic controlling men into my life.

When stepping onto my spiritual path I started manifesting medical emergencies for myself & then they started happening around me.  I would literally be thrust into action & go into auto pilot healer mode.  It was instant & I didn’t get any time to think.  This included a pregnant woman collapsing in front of me on the tube one morning & another outside a shop near my house.  Each of them had collapsed due to low blood sugar level & not eating that day!  I had to do instant intuitive body scans to work out what was wrong, whilst calling for help around me & spiritual (which was shockingly quick- think police and ambulance suddenly turn up or a doctor on the tube).  I then did the soul work to release the trauma & get their souls back in the body.  As when there’s any trauma which causes someone to be unconscious the soul can’t stay in the body.  It’s normally flailing about nearby & needs to be reseated & grounded.  All of this madness occurring as I held a belief that I was only an intuitive healer if I had witnessed all ailments.  I also had a belief that I had to experience an injury first in order to heal another.  Which led to multiple injuries & chronic illnesses over the years!

Yet all of these beliefs were deep & rearing their heads as blocks that arise swiftly when I met my Twin Flame & when I launched my business.  They all had a story which helped me understand the experiences of my soul & that I had the power in this timeline to not repeat the same patterns.  I had the power to free my soul & write a new story this time round.

If you want to make changes in your life as your not happy in a particular area. You have to do the inner work.  This means unearthing the hidden limitations wired into your sub conscious that are unknowingly helping to steer the ship!

Once you change just one belief you can alter your whole timeline experience. Meaning you can access the future version of yourself who has evolved past that limitation & often bringing in whatever you have been struggling to manifest.  Changing one belief also affects 750 other people in the collective morphic field.  So vibrationally you are helping others evolve too.

I created a program that includes the belief repatterning of over 1000 limiting beliefs in relation to love, your body, Twin Flame, relationships, wealth, success, business, ancestors, spiritual awakening, health & much more.

It also include the tools to access the root past life these beliefs occurred in so you can shift the whole root timeline, trauma & looping patterns. To free up the energy for new abundance to come into your life.

The Online program includes access to the members site, coaching videos, soul clearing meditations, energy hygiene training, assistance in creating strong foundation routines that integrate into your daily routine & much more.

Take a look here:


If you would like to transform an area of your life & are struggling to really create momentum.  Then I also offer 121 sessions & coaching programs.  For more information contact me here: https://www.purelight1111.com/contact/


Allera xx

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