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Thought forms, anger spears & psychic attack! How you may be creating the blocks between you & your Twin Flame.


So let’s start with what these actually are and how they affect us all!  Regardless of whether we’re on the Twin Flame journey or not.  As souls we all have a lesson to become the master of our own thoughts in this lifetime.

On a day to day basis we are constantly creating thoughts.  Energy follows thoughts (these also hold the energy of our intentions).  If you imagine your energy feeds every thought you create!  So we have a choice to add our energy to positive thoughts or negative thoughts at all times!

If every time you look in the mirror you instantly think ”I hate my (insert)”, you create a thought form which sits in your mental energy body.  Every time you have this thought and speak to yourself in this way, you’re feeding negative energy into this thought form.  Holding this energy means you start to lower your vibration as it takes your vital life force energy to sustain it.  It also means others will pick up on the energetic ‘belief’ that you don’t like or respect yourself and will treat you in similar disrespectful ways (confirming the energetic signature of the thought form).

Negative thought forms can also be created and directed at others when we think badly of someone.  Imagine every time you look in a magazine and have a derogatory thought about how someone looks.  That creates a thought form which is then sent to them!  This is all energy and makes no difference if you know, have met them or are on the other side of the planet to them.  A person may receive an onslaught of negative thought forms and this can cause them to either begin to believe them thus taking on the belief as truth or become confused and start to question themselves, their character and self worth. This is one of the reasons so many people struggle whilst being in the public eye.  It would be very energetically draining to experience this on a huge scale.

Anger spears are literally when we charge a negative thought form with anger and direct it against someone.  This is also a form of psychic attack.  They will make a person feel threatened or anxious for no apparent reason.  It’s important to find out who is directing them and to clear daily.  If you imagine an ex is angry at you for moving on with your life and is sat stewing about how bad you are for leaving them.  This is like throwing fuel on an already raging fire and they will be directing this constantly till cleared.  Feeling under attack reduces our vibration to fear and weakens our energy defences.  We are then at risk of entity attachments (who match the fear vibration).  They play on the negative situation and cause more disruption and havoc.  All in all quite a toxic cycle and all from our negative thoughts!

We are all aware that many on the Twin Flame journey experience a lot of negative interference from others trying to keep Twin Flames apart.  If you imagine all their negative thought forms and anger spears of jealousy, fear, blame, revenge, control, manipulation, anger, past life issues all causing blocks of communication and interaction between the Twins.  This plays out as psychic attack, feeling blocked from moving forwards, confusion between the Twins, who in this toxic overload believe the root of the problem lies in their counterpart, when in truth it’s the interference of others getting in the way.  Until there is awareness it may even cause one of the Twins to go into blame or anger mode and direct this at their counterpart, causing further pain and suffering!

Now this one is definitely food for thought…
Every time you engage on social media about your Twin Flame doing this or that in a negative way you are creating a negative thought form and directing it at them.  I noticed a feed on a forum a few days ago and over 200 people replied to a comment made by a woman having a moan about her Twin Flame.  Over 70% of the comments were the energetic vibration of anger.  So this would have fed that thought form with lots of energy and directed if at the poor guy as psychic attack!  It would have also caused huge energetic blocks between the woman and her Twin. Can you see how our thoughts and actions can affect ourselves and others?  Also that by sharing her negative thoughts in such a public manner she allowed others to send negative energy towards her counterpart (and herself effectively as she will share the same energy field)!   She opened the energetic boundaries!

This also highlights the importance of watching our thoughts and language.  Not only how we speak to others but how we speak to ourselves.  We can just as easily create positive thought forms, which then fill up our mental bodies with a higher vibration and help us rise above all the negative interference, as we won’t be a match to it.  We can do this in a few ways: positive affirmations, mantras and downloading positive beliefs and feelings.

The meditations within the Twin Flame Healing Program include a clearing of negative thought forms.  So you can literally clear all the negativity away and start to be less affected by anything directed at you. Allowing you to make more conscious choices about your own thoughts without the interference of those from others!

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