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How many ancestors did it take for you to be born?


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Someone said to me today that they didn’t believe there was a need to do ancestral healing or shadow work!

I say it’s time we all did it.

Shifting the dense energies we hold actually allows new higher dimensional templates of consciousness to be downloaded to us. Ie we get to embody more pure source energy & access higher self consciousness minus all the baggage.

This affects EVERYTHING!

You see all the power systems in place working from false fields (corrupted consciousness)!  Well they can only remain when we hold like for like consciousness (architecture)!  As long as we’re playing along to their frequency, script & sequence they remain!

So from my perspective my initiations to constantly be unpeeling layers of consciousness & upgrade is an act of service in itself.

In the current ‘reality’ linear timeline.  There is a deliberate attempt to bring fear & conflict.

This isn’t new.  As women these cycles of being used as womb batteries for false fields that syphon us has been around for thousands of years!  Our galactic timelines when we were more aligned to our soul groups experienced it, then the Egyptian temples were influenced by distorted sexual energy coding.  So we started to be energetically harvested from during the sacred sexuality rites!

Babylon, The fall if the Egyptian temples then more recent witch craft trials.  All political & all about domination over the feminine.  The most base misogyny in plain sight.  Yet many are blind as it’s woven through many religions that just excluded the feminine principle & history books that did the same.

Reclamation of the womb, it’s power, it’s ability to literally birth worlds & babies.  This is a period of further awakening once more.

Know that each woman on this planet will connect into the collective womb grids.  Your healing your own feminine line impacts the whole.

Unity consciousness is the stepping into ‘we’ consciousness!

Join us for the next upgrade where we are healing the masculine ancestral line & clearing the blocks to abundance!

Payment plans available- reply to this message.

Allera x


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