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How can you work with me?


Gorgeous Souls!

Some of you may be new to my groups and pages!  I recognise that you might not know what I’m fully engaged in as I work in a variety of ways!  All at different access points!  I love expanding the ways I serve through all the downloads I receive.???

Here are the current ways to work with me…

?Private 121 Coaching- The Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur Program

This is for those who want to be in my vortex 121 and rapidly accelerate to their desired destination.  No excuses and no playing small allowed.
This is for women who are ready to up-level and smash a few glass ceilings in just 3 months.
It requires inner belief, your why being bigger than your fears and knowing that your desires are worth any challenges you may be faced as you learn a new way to elevate energetically, soulfully and transform your mindset.  All combined with visionary strategy to assist you in taking the aligned fast route rather than the scenic route!

If this lights you up then here’s more details and the link to book a discovery call to see if this is the right fit!


?The Multi Dimensional Priestess Immersion

A 6 week soul upgrade and immersion into stepping into your next dimensional level of self!  This is about an intensive energetic, soul and mindset upgrade and expansion.  Showing how I choose to upgrade and download my soul wisdom & embody my magick!

?Soul Architect Series:  The  ‘’I Can’’ Mastermind

This was a powerful mastermind that has seen women decide to quit their day jobs, set up new businesses and even leave abusive home environments afterwards!
If you would like to experience this.  DM me and I can arrange access to the replays!

?The Expansion- 6 weeks of Feminine Alchemy &Quantum Manifestation
This is an opportunity to get support and be in my powerful vortex in a small group setting for 6 weeks.  It’s about stepping into your power and committing to your intentions then going for them!  No self sabotage, no playing small and revealing and transforming the blind spots that often keep people in looping patterns.  This is energy and soul focussed along with coaching.

?The Sovereign Sisterhood Membership

This has become a powerhouse for Divine creation.  Firstly you have access to a membership site with a growing library of over 25 ceremonies, meditations, light language energy clearings, areas of focus including love, money, energy clearing for children and even kitchen witch tools!  We have two live ceremonies via zoom a month!  Take a look here for more info!  This is still at the super accessible price of £37 a month!!

? The Online Twin Flame Healing Program
This is for someone who wants to rapidly accelerate their soul healing through going deep into soul clearing, quantum field activations and clearing up over 1000 limiting beliefs, 34 key past lives to clear (Akashic records), childhood regression work, drama triangle transformation and much more.  All completed in your own time online.  This is accessible straight away and can be purchased from my shop –

If you desire to connect with any of the above – send me a message!❤️

Allera xx

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