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How are your children handling all the worldly shifts?


Sovereign sisters,

There is so much at play for us all in these changing time’s.

Just as many of you are struggling with the frenetic energies at play.  Your children are too.

Children are deeply affected by the discordant energy around them & also any fear/uncertainty in the home.

It can leave them also picking up on fear, triggered, restless and unable to ground.

This leads to being tired, unable to concentrate or sleep.

A big impact on a growing body and mind!

As a Sovereign sister I know we must share our tools with the next generation.

This is legacy work.  Our children must be encouraged to shine bright without fear & be confident in their sensitivities & open heartedness.

So I have created a section in the Sovereign Sisterhood membership site specifically for Energy Hygiene for Children.

Check out the feedback from a couple of mums!

I’ll be adding more material to the site monthly & we have an amazing group of  powerful women growing already!

Early bird pricing ends soon!

Allera x

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