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I'm Allera Dawn...

I am an Eclectic woman...

Modern Day High Priestess, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Healer & Wealth Creation, Soul & Business Coach.

I see myself as a constant seeker, evolver and inner alchemist.

Driven by impact, purpose, pleasure & freedom!

True freedom came when I allowed myself to embody ALL parts of myself...
including the highly intuitive side, the creative who loves dance, the inner tenacious warrior who has faced many challenges, alongside an intellectual side that can track patterns and code (hence the 22 years working in Finance)!  

Embracing the 'woo' and work!

Harmonising the inner masculine & feminine

Stepping into the flames of transformation & Re-birth

Is part of my gift

Stepping out of the boxes of limitation &  
allowing your light to shine 

 It was through embracing the integration of many of my more spiritual gifts whilst navigating a high flying career in Finance & 
re-training as a clinical hypnotherapist & in Gestalt therapy- which put it ALL into practice.

I believe running a purpose led business, as a conscious woman, is a path of ongoing personal growth. 

 We are literally paving new roads!

 Teaching & guiding women through the waters of the unseen inner blocks which arise to embody their own transformations is what lights my soul up!

 Seeing women rise & create soul aligned lives on their terms is my vision!

'Awaken' is a deep code I hold & If you have found's no coincidence.

My expertise is that I can see the unseen energetic blocks and the quantum potential opportunities. My ability is to provide deep energy architecture re-alignment, & healing which creates the transformations many spend years attempting. 

Combine this with bespoke elevated business strategy & I can assist my clients in both the deep inner growth & collapse the timelines around results.

I work with conscious female change makers, visionaries & purpose led entrepreneurs across many industries who continually want to expand into next levels of Wealth, Impact & Pleasure. 

Many successful female leaders are caught in hustle & are ready to learn a new way... 

Hustle is on it's way out..women are stepping off the treadmill

 Through feminine energy principles & connection to our ancient cyclical roots we can slow down to speed up. To create a new more conscious way of being, living and curating our businesses

Creating an experience that nourishes & gives us life force, fuels our spirit to create & 
strips away the 'should's' rooted in shame, guilt & comparison 

It's our opportunity to walk over the threshold & choose to create lives on our terms

Our Mission  

Our mission is clear:
We are dedicated to empower women, as the new feminine leaders who are part of the consciousness evolution occurring on our planet

Purpose led
Awakening & activating inner soul wisdom through transformational immersions and experiences. 

 Creating a pathway for women to access and embrace their own unique magic & let it shine as a beacon of light for others. To alchemise whatever is in the way, re-write their inner scripts & create a thriving life based on their terms.

Encouraging women to embrace & embody their ‘Eclectic nature, expertise & vision’. To claim their unique gifts & birth them into the world to bring forward new innovation, conscious business models, ideas and solutions for positive impact.

We believe that by liberating ourselves in ways our feminine ancestors couldn’t. We raise the consciousness on the planet & future generations together.  


Pure Light 1111
Soul Aligned Living
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This is a podcast for conscious women on their soul journey of awakening. The change makers, box burning pioneers & visionaries. We will be going deep in all areas of spirituality, business, healing, wealth, abundance and legacy! 

For those who like to fly high & expand their consciousness but quite like keeping their feet on the ground 
& enjoying this Earthly ride 
at the same time! 

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone on a spiritual journey, whether you're just beginning to explore or are well into your path. Allera's warmth and knowledge make this conversation not just informative but truly transformative.

In this podcast we delve into the following:
1:  Setting personal boundaries at work to prevent burnout.
2:  How to cope in high pressured environments - balancing imposter syndrome vs self belief.  
3: Understanding why we get overwhelmed at work and in life.  
4: Being more energy conscious and self aware.
 5: How to stay grounded amidst uncertainty.
6: Are companies doing enough to support workplace wellness?
7: How companies are approaching neurodiversity. 
8: Taking a holistic approach to our work to perform at our highest selves.

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 Do you desire to escape the boxes & labels you have found yourself contained within?

Ready to move past the limits that hold you back from your true potential?

Have you found yourself hiding parts of your self? Toning down your vibrancy, not sharing your true big picture soul vision, perhaps hiding your spiritual intuitive side whilst navigating your day to day life?

When we don't own ALL parts of our self we naturally spend more time and energy suppressing our true nature than letting it all shine and inspiring others!

It's time for the New Earth Feminine leaders, change makers, activists and visionaries to allow their multi faceted selves to be seen.

You are the bridges between the old and new paradigm
Own your story, your journey, your big dreams and desires and celebrate the experiences along the way!

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Allera’s premise is intuitive and simple: As the mind, body, soul & energy field are connected, we need an approach to wellness & personal development that is also connected.

Her ‘Whole-istic’ approach is a unique and tailored 360-degree process to 
Total wellness that impacts all areas of life.

Soul Architect Series™ 360 Transformation & Healing Process

Tending to our inner world to create lasting outer changes in life.


Leading with Purpose during a changing business landscape is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Purpose can be a powerful driver of engagement & becomes a collective glue that re-ignites team morale and motivation.  Understanding that our contribution holds a bigger impact than just the bottom line, elevates past the daily challenges and into a more empowered big picture lens.  Something that historically has only been held by those at the top of organisations.

Many new business models are being developed to manage the changing face of business, the workforce and tech.  Not to mention the aftermath of the effects of the pandemic on mental health & effects of unresolved trauma.

A conscious business approach not only impacts employees, team and culture. It also affects risk and profits.

Introducing feminine principles to business can start to reharmonize leadership style & work environments.  Cultivating greater presence, creativity, connectivity, collaboration & diversity.

Feminine energy is the untapped potential which can birth the new vision & ideas.  

Emotional intelligence, an ability to connect with others  & to trust intuition alongside data driven sources can be a leading edge combination for any team.

Through my training and workshops, I love seeing how when leaders really embody and live out their purpose, it creates a ripple effect.  Their teams become happier, healthier, and more driven, building strong bonds and handling stress better.

This makes leaders and employees feel more involved, creative and helps them find real meaning in their work. A sense of community, guided by shared vision and values will help weather the storms of change,

Allera brings a diverse range of experience...

 From 22 years working within Global Investment Banks navigating a high demand environment, internal politics and the cycles of financial crashes. Her roles over the many years ranged from Client Relationship Management for Cross Asset Class Clients sat on the Global trading floor. With a responsibility to manage multiple global stakeholders, multi million pound tech development projects and ensure the operations & service levels of the clients were met to retain business & identify opportunities for growth.

To… managing teams for 10 years within London & New York across different Derivative products & onboarding (including pitching alongside the sales teams) . This brought about experience in managing migrations, re-locations, risk management controls, regulatory reform adherence, people management, performance management, recruitment, operations, product training, tech development and pitching product to clients & process analysis.

These diverse roles gave her great insight on workplace dynamics, change management, staff turnover & both the highs & lows of management style influence on culture, employee empowerment and engagement.

Alongside her own journey of self-development. Which saw her balance qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & train in Gestalt therapy whilst still in Finance. She began to see another angle. What she identifies as the workplace ‘constellation’.  Certain patterns that playout in all group dynamics.

Combined with her own business experiences & working 121 & in groups with high achievers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s & female business owners navigating transition, change & trauma. 

She holds a unique 360 view across many different industries.


Allera has the rare capacity to help you connect your unique light-filled essence with strong roots of grounded strategy and action.  She helped me expand past what I believed was possible for myself in line with the current landscape of business & align to the new paradigm.  For me this activated a deep knowing of the positive impact I am here to create and that all of my life experiences to date have been part of the training ground.  
Her gift is to help you elevate in all areas of your life.
Rebecca (US)


Empowering Yourself Through The Stages Of Consciousness Expansion & Vibrational Shifts Which Occur As You Evolve

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Section 2: 3D-5D Energetic Clearing & Upgrade (43mins)
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This Community Is For Women Who Are Courageously Choosing To Embrace Their Spiritual Gifts & Ancient Soul Wisdom. They Are Reclaiming The Power Of Their Feminine Energy, Innate Desire For Pleasure & To Live From A Place Of Deep Embodiment.


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