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Heartbreak recovery SOS – Pt 2


A few weeks ago I gave you a list of things to gather to compile your heartbreak recovery toolkit.  A way you can start taking control of your lives and bounce back from experiences when you have been dealt another blow of heartbreak.

I also want you to realise that you are never the victim in these situations.  At soul level you are trying to learn something and until you do and then fully close that chapter at soul level, your guides will line up more and more of the same situations till you learn.  Now this isn’t an exercise to start blaming the guides.  They are working with your soul in alignment with your Divine soul blueprint and if you want to learn self love they will bring you tests and initiations for you to dig deeper into self love till you will no longer settle for anything that brings you less than that.

To those still playing on the Twin Flame hamster wheel of dysfunction.  Religiously reading every Facebook group updates of when the next super moon will bring the only optimal time for union as apparently the masculine is now awake.  Waiting for the planets to align in 6 months time according to some random energy report when suddenly all your manifestations will magically appear in your lap.  Those who are battling between obsession, blame, projection or waiting for the other person to change and come waltzing back into your life like some kind of reborn phoenix.  This message is for you!  As long as you are doing any of these things you are not learning the lesson of self love.  You are in self made holding zone of denial and disempowerment.   Avoiding your own deeper inner work and looking at the gaping hole of lack of self worth within.

Note:  If you did truly love yourself, value yourself and see your true soul self.  Including your flaws but also the amazing potential you hold and that only you have the power to create and shift your reality.  YOU WOULD NOT BE SETTLING FOR AN EXISTENCE BASED ON SETTLING FOR CRUMBS IN ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.

It’s very simple.  If you look at all areas of your life and what is not bringing you joy. Ask yourself what Soul lesson are you learning?
Plus how it serves you in living your life in a way that is unfulfilling.  Usually it serves you as it keeps you safe.  Away from the the fear monster of change and having to grow and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  So you stick with what you know.  The comfortable sofa of self induced misery.  The opposite of living in alignment with your life plan.  Which is a very uncomfortable place to hang out and will bring up all sorts of big red flags to make you realise and change.  Often in the form of anxiety and depressive states of helplessness and feeling a victim.  All to wake you up to the fact that only YOU can take the action to create the changes needed.

Now in particular if you are hanging on, not doing the personal development changes and healing to start breaking down what is not working in your life.  Like your career, where you live, your money situation, your health and what needs to be shifted to rise to become the best version of you.  If you are waiting for your Twin Flame counterpart to leave his karmic relationship, get a divorce, sort out custody for an array of children or waiting for him to quit drugs, get a job and become the person YOU want him to be.  Then you are sacrificing your own soul growth for another person and again are not learning your lesson of self love.

Do you know what the physical change agent is to close the soul lesson and get off the merry go round?  It’s to decide that you will never settle for any situation that is not loving.  Never to settle for less than you deserve.  It’s to set the bar high and aim to raise your own standards.  Not drop it to the gutter and hang out there with anyone including a Twin Flame who has a full time membership to lackville.  Staying in the depths because they hold lack and victim programming and haven’t decided they too deserve better.

If you are trying to get someone to love themselves.  In the hope that when they do they will change, leave the girlfriend and skip off into the sunset with you inline with the 20 Twin Flame groups you follow.  Again you are kidding yourself.  This is all about you and learning to love and respect yourself.  The more you focus your energy in this way the more situations your guides will bring you to teach you self love.  Often through those who are completely unloving to us and this can include your Twin Flame!

One day when the penny drops and you realise you can say I no longer want to lear the lesson of self love.  I want this cycle to end.  I want off the merry go round.  I surrender to the fact that I can’t manipulate, change, cajole, pay, send light to or use magic to force another person into changing.  It’s all about me and I NEED TO CHANGE.  I have had enough and I am walking away from this dysfunctional situation, person and freeing myself as an act of self love and I will never allow myself to be treated like this again.  You walk away.  You remove yourself from anything that is unloving regardless of the consequences.

Then the universe will assist you!  It’s through your determination and commitment to change that brings all the supporting auspicious energies to get you back into the correct path.

So many of you stay in unhappy situations because you don’t think you can’t handle the aftermath of the heartbreak from walking away.  So you settle.

I want to shed some light on heartbreak.  How from the souls perspective it will hold the trauma of not only heartbreak from this lifetimes experiences but all the others it has experienced with the person you are breaking up with.  This can be a confusing experience as it will mean you get a compounded impact of old grief, sadness, anger and this is brought up through the emotional (pain) body and your mind won’t be able to grasp the roots of what’s going on.  There’s always a past life at root playing out which also needs to be completed.  This is why some people never quite recover from relationships.  Ultimately we’re on this planet to grow and learn soul lessons.  When we learn them and clear the trauma, relating limiting beliefs and heal the emotional body field.  It’s like flipping a switch.  The energy charge isn’t there anymore so we can move on quickly.

During the awakening journey a man came into my life and straight away there was an instant recognition.  We met for coffee and 6 hours later were still sat in the same hotel bar chatting away.  This continued for a few weeks of getting to know him along with hours spent chatting late into the night talking on the phone.  I was also shown flash backs of how I’d known this man in past lives.  Along with details of being married to him and having three children.  When I accessed the Akashic records I found this man had returned from war in a past life to tell me my Twin Flame has been killed in action.  As a shoulder to cry on a friendship developed into a relationship and family.  Which explained how I felt I knew him so quickly when in reality it was only a few weeks.

About a week later my guides alerted me that this man had lied to me.  I dug into it further and unravelled something that he had lied about. Oddly it was his date of birth.  Not to shave off years but literally the actual date which was odd.  I confronted him about it and he completely freaked out.  For me I have a rule about lying.  I won’t ever tolerate it.  Not even once.  If you lie I can’t trust you anymore and it’s far to low vibe to have in my life.  So I said good bye and walked away.

The next day I was hit by a wall of grief.  Like someone had died.  Sobbing and sorrow consumed me as I curled up in bed.  I then from somewhere snapped back to clear thinking enough to realise this emotion isn’t from now.  I wasn’t in love with him and no had one died.  It didn’t warrant the trauma and turmoil arising in me.

So I pulled myself together and put my tool kit into action.  Within 3 hours it was as if someone had flicked a switch.  The emotions were gone.  I was back to my normal balanced, happy self and I was detached from him and the whole emotional hot mess!

My work to resolve this uncovered past lifetimes of separation and betrayal by this man which had been been triggered by him lying and me walking away.  This was the energetic debris coming up to be healed.  I was also learning a soul lesson of discernment.  Which I closed out.  That evening I went to an ecstatic dance event and this is where I added my next technique to the mix.  Using dance to not only release the old but make a strong declaration and calling to bring in the new.  Using my physical vessel, the energy and excitement and clear intention to ground my new manifestation into my life.

So I’m going to share with you how you can do the same.  Heartbreak really doesn’t have to be forever.  Plus no level of disappointment or any man is worth knocking my vibration enough to pull me off course.  That’s always my strongest desire and it never fails to pull me back on track.

In preparation you will need the following:

  • Raw cacao powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and agave nectar (all available in health food stores/Sainsbury’s)
  • Sage for smudging (order on Amazon)
  • Pen and plenty of paper.
  • Access to Spotify – I channeled a playlist which you can download here:


Twin Flame Healing Program (see www.purelight1111.com)

  • Dark night of the soul MP3
  • Forgiveness MP3
  • Past life road blocks MP3
  • Blocks to soul love MP3


Step 1:

Smudge you and your home.

Step 2:

Listen to the Dark night of the soul meditation from the Twin Flame Healing Program.

Heartbreak, loss and any kind of shock will put you back into the state of dark night of the soul.  Causing you to get stuck in the helplessness and constant chaos.

Step 3:

Write a list of 100 things that this experience has brought up that’s made you feel hurt, sad, angry and disappointed.  Include all the things you are angry at yourself about.

Look at where you are holding blame against them and write it down to release it.  Look at all resentment and grudges you are still holding onto and feels stuck in your heart.

Then do the Forgiveness meditation from the Twin Flame healing program.  This will release everything in your list, plus release you from the person who hurt you energetically and complete soul fragment retrieval.  So you are pulling your energy back from them.

Forgiveness is the big heart healer!

Step 4:

Before doing the Past life road blocks meditation which takes you into your soul records to find out what has been playing out.  Say the following out loud: I command to be shown the root life time that is playing out between myself and (insert persons name) that has resulted in this present situation of hurt and disparity.  I ask for this to be closed out and cleared in my
Akashic records in the highest and best way. Thank you, it is done.

Step 5:

To raise your confidence and self esteem you need to reinforce positive beliefs to help raise your vibration again.  Listen to the Blocks to soul love meditation from the Twin Flame Healing Program.

Once finished burn your notes somewhere safe.  Then ensure you get all reminders of the person (where you can) out of the house or at minimum packed into a box and stored at a friends house or in a garage for example.  This is about removing their energy from your personal space which will reduce you being re-triggered.


You are going to get the stuck energy of the shock, trauma and whatever else needs to be shifted out of your physical body through dance.

I channeled a playlist of emotive music to help you do just that.  It will take you through a release and then you will be raised onto a happier level through more empowering upbeat tracks.

Don’t worry about ‘how’ you move just dance to feel good.  If you want to stretch, jump about, shake, skip or shimmy-do it!  It’s just you doing it and this is for YOU!  No one else.  The music starts slow for you to warm up your body, stretch and get connected to all parts of your form.  Then becomes more dynamic and descends into a mellow ending.  You’ll definitely feel a shift in how you feel afterwards.


Before listening to the playlist.  Make yourself a raw cacao drink using cacao powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and agave nectar all mixed together in a cup.  Add a small amount of boiling water and mix into a paste.  Then gradually add a bit more till you and about 1/4 of a mug worth.  Allow to cool till it’s drinkable.

Before starting I would like you to set your intention out loud by saying the following words:

I command that I am fully disconnected and released from (insert persons name) on all levels across all time, space, dimensions and realities and incarnations.  I ask that all energies of sadness, betrayal (insert anything else you wish to add) be removed including all energy I hold of this person.  Aho.

The drink half of the drink.

Then next you set the intention of what you want to call in through the dance.  Say the following outloud.

I call into my life now (insert whatever you want). Aho.

Then drink the remainder of the drink.

Happy healing, dancing, releasing and manifesting!  Remember it’s all a soul journey, release the old and welcome in the next chapter of the adventure with love and grace.

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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