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Have you got 2020 sussed?


Lots of female business owners won’t have a clear vision for where they will be this time next year.

I can tell you as a coach to female Soulpreneurs that if you don’t yet know what your finances will look like in Dec 2020 and are leaving your planning to next Jan or worse just seeing what happens/waiting for the universe to deliver!  It’s too late!

As a spiritual entrepreneur I know that my grounded strategy is how I bring my sacred vision into fruition.  It’s how I can get clear around what I want & the conscious actions I take to achieve it.  This is how we send out a clear message energetically for what we want to be magnetised to us!  That’s how the universe will assist/support and deliver for me!

For those reading who are finding this concept alien – it’s because Money & Sacred Business is taboo for many women & we have to break this construct.

What exactly does 2020 look like to you?  Do you have an outline & milestones planned?

Where do you want to be in a year & what actions are you taking now to manifest that NOW?

What will it feel like to achieve your goals & grow more in your Divine Feminine Power?

How will you celebrate your success?

I can help you get a head start…

If you a a Feminine Soulpreneur who is determined to change everything in 2020!

Who is ready to commit NOW, invest in herself, her business & her BIG vision.

A GODDESS who is ready to transform her money story, past drama narrative & create a new platform to shine her sacred gifts to serve in a bigger way to help others.

Maybe you already have a business but it’s not performing the way you want it to.  You feel blocked & stuck!  In need of an injection of catalysing transformation!

Or your already reaching your goals but guidance is coming through calling you to upgrade & you need help getting there!

Then click below & book a discovery call to see if it would be a good fit for us to work together in 2020!


To read more about The Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur Business Coaching Program-click here:


Love & abundant blessings!

Allera x


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