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Have you ever noticed yourself contract before a leap?


I’m talking all types of leaps!

I invite you to observe where this is playing out for you.  If it’s in one area it’s in another!

From spending money on yourself just because you desire something to actually investing in yourself & your growth!

Often when it happens it kind of clouds over the other things your working on & if you don’t have the mind reset tools & the emotional intelligence to pull rank over the pattern of thoughts playing out!  You allow yourself to become consumed by it rather than conquering another piece of b/s that’s sneaking in!

I realised & thankfully caught myself with a little pattern creeping in over the weekend!

Now I have always been comfortable spending money!  Yet I realise my relationship with the ‘why’ I spend money wasn’t always healthy!

Many years ago I would spend money to shift my mood & make me feel a buzz or excited!  This used to mean popping to Selfridges on my lunch break & buying a designer handbag or a whole new outfit in whistles or Reiss.

Rather than realising I could feel ‘good’ without doing anything externally! I’m also talking about the tools- the energy clearing, the crystals, the run, walk or meditation.

It was all possible within me at any time but it took self mastery of my mind & body consciousness to get there!

As I have shared recently I’m going through huge upgrades & making changes in all areas of my life!

This has gone into acceleration as it’s connected to my upcoming group intensive program The Empowered Priestess- Unaplogetically You!

My manifestations are coming in quick! Including the hotel I will go to for my bday lunch & the exact house I had on my vision board as an ideal home.  I’m staying in both over the coming 4 weeks!

With lots of change happening & lots of money being spent both personally & on my business on a new project with my marketing team!

I found myself deciding I didn’t need to buy a new dress for my bday lunch.  It felt like an extravagance & unnecessary!  I mean it’s only a lunch after all!  Why would I spend a couple of hundred pounds on a dress and maybe more with new shoes if I have so much in my wardrobe already!

So after flicking through websites & finding absolutely nothing I liked.  I just decided to leave it till the morning!

It felt off!  I then caught myself convincing myself not to invest in an online health course the next morning!  More rational that I had spent a lot on training recently learning the most up to date social media strategies that I wouldn’t have time to take on more!

Then I stopped myself!

I realised a heck load of bullshit scarcity had crept in and I was on some level beginning to block the energy flow of money!  It should be free flowing – in AND out!

I was going into a small mind mentality & not tapping into my desires & what lights me up!

I wasn’t even accurately looking at anything!

This was absolutely nothing to do with money at root! I had an overflow of money!  My business account & personal accounts are growing daily!   The numbers didn’t support my b/s thoughts!

My vibe around spending had dropped though!

The fear of the next leap not being a success crept in as I have made so many changes daily that I’d not stopped to observe how far I’d come in this quantum leap!

The powerful wave of momentum had been so strong my feet barely touched the ground!

It was this constant pace & the daily need to make big life changing decisions there and then (no moment for pause)!  That had caused me to allow some doubt & fear to creep in.

So how did that show up!  Well best not spend on those things as they aren’t necessities! It’s ok to buy the practical things- the investments in your business & learning but not the little luxuries at this time!

Like I was trying to create a reserve for potential bad times ahead! Ones that had only occurred in the depths of my subconscious!

All absolute b/s!  None of it was true!  It’s my vibe towards money & spending at that moment that would affect me manifesting more money NOT buying the dress or the luxuries!

It’s the energy we do anything from that strongly impacts the outcome!

So I caught myself the next morning.  Saw what was coming up & cleared the next glass ceiling!

I know my power, my magic & my desires! Lack and scarcity does not have a place at my table!

So I went back online & found not one dress I desired but 5 & I bought them all! Lit up and excited as I know they all align to the version of me I’ve been embodying!

The sneaky low vibe money thoughts are just remnants of an old identity I have shifted!

I am empowered to Unaplogetically have whatever I desire & accept this will evolve again & again like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

If you are ready to let go of your old stories & scarcity mindset & commit to stepping up- Big Time!

Come & join us for this powerful month long upgrade where you are immersed in my vortex for 4 weeks of support, alchemy & transformation!

In week 1 we will be pulling out the roots to your upper limits in love, intimacy, money & power!


Allera xx


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