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Have you been walking the plank with eyes wide open?


I am being guided to post today as there has been a huge shift in recent weeks in particular for the Divine masculine.  For many it’s been a long and tiring journey of self-denial and for many in these scenarios their souls have decided that things can’t continue as they are.  Growth has been stunted due to the fear and illusions of the ego. 


This is manifested in some who have started their awakenings getting too comfortable in their ‘new spiritually awakened’ persona only to have some tough love brought to them and another layer of the mask ripped off.  You see it’s very easy to be swept up by the new age concept of love and light but it’s only part of the dance for the soul.  For us to fully step into our power we must reclaim that which remains lost, traumatised and hidden. We have to face our shadow head on.  Those soul aspects have been ready to return and to get your attention, the simmering unloved parts have made themselves known.  Bringing with them deep seated feelings and memories of trauma, childhood neglect/abuse, feelings of helplessness and a huge questioning of who am I, as another layer is swiftly peeled back.  You see it’s easy to ‘play’ and ‘act’ spiritually aware but this is an injustice to your soul growth as it’s self-denial.  We are constantly called to face ourselves.  To look at not only what happened to us but also our own contributions to creating these situations.  


Men are being asked to face their mother and father wounds, look deeply at their relationship with the creator and how this underlying unrest has manifested in dysfunctional ways of coping in their adult relationships with women and men in their lives.  This is bringing up a lot of pain and disappointment about who they have been in the world and how they have treated their fellow souls.  There is a lot of shame, grief and fear underpinning this, pulling many of these men deeply into another round of Dark night of the soul.   


For others they have ignored the guidance for so long that drastic action is agreed at soul level to help that person get back on track.  If someone ignores the signs, doesn’t do their healing and literally continues on a very self-destructive path.  Big changes are often brought about to get the soul out of negative situations so they can start afresh.  This will result in relationships ending, job losses and any hidden secrets of deception being brought out for all to see.  This might feel like they are completely out of control and losing all that has meant something to them.  However there is a gift amongst the chaos.  The walls of the house have to be torn down in order to rebuild a palace.  Often these men have ignored the signs of their divine timing, the calling to get their lives aligned with purpose whether with their Twin flame or alone.  The rug had to be pulled to wake them from their self-induced stupor.  There won’t be time for wallowing for these men.  It’s now a time to crack on with the inner work including forgiveness and compassion for themselves and those involved.  The longer blame, anger and victim mind-set is held the more painful the process.  It’s happened now.  You are never the sum of the story of your life.  You are far greater than you ever imagined but you were lost and stuck in an abyss of illusion, clinging to your old reality.  Now it’s time to let that go and work out who you truly are as a soul.  


Some of you will be gifted by the mirror of your Twin flame to assist you.  Which doesn’t have to mean in union.  You can learn so much apart that it’s a gift in itself to allow yourself that space to go deeper inwards.  Their light is your guidance.  Look at their transformation and know that it’s possible for you too.   Look deeply at the dynamics between you and what this brings up.  For it’s now that you are really ready to heal and release the old story you hold about yourself.  Connecting to your true divinity.


I recently channelled a clients higher self who said that this person would only learn and change when he fell flat on his face.  The ego self (personality) was so stubborn and resistant that regardless of the amount of healing, belief work and guidance provided he would not take any action and stayed stuck in a loop of collapsed male.  Feeling a victim.  I relayed this to the client who agreed this was normally how he ran his life.  He allowed things to happen to him rather than taking the reins and creating what he truly wanted.  It’s a message that there is no judgement in how you learn your soul lessons.  You can choose to experience pain, struggle and loss or to learn through love, support and faith in the creator.  It’s all a choice.  For some they relish the drama and chaos but often exhaustion and repeated failure will bring them to the standpoint that there must be an easier way.


I have attached some earlier blog posts to assist those going through these turbulent waters.


For those who are using the Twin Flame Healing program it’s now time to start getting committed to yourself again.  Start by completing the Dark night of the soul mp3 meditation to take you out of the chaos and fear.  Then work through the whole program in order.


Love and blessings

Allera xx













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