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Guilt – Time to step out of the old paradigm traps & into your power


Guilt is something we all need to start giving a bit more focus.

There are a number of things at play.  Some you might not have connected the dots to yet.

As women on the planet presently we are being guided to shift the old paradigm templates to be able to activate and embody the divine feminine codes & consciousness needed on the Earth at this time.

To get there though we have to go inwards & dig deep on what is out of alignment, in what way are we embodying the distorted feminine energies.  In doing so we see the mis alignment calling for recognition & healing.  It’s through this process we start to align to the Divine Feminine energies within & through this initiation & rebirth we step more fully into our power & soul path & purpose.

Many of the distorted templates of the feminine are connected to self sacrifice, unworthiness, helplessness, submission & fear.  These imprints cause strong vibrations of guilt, shame, unworthiness. All blocking us often unconsciously from having a completely different experience.

Guilt is a very low vibration & in holding the vibration within you hooks you into morphic fields of guilt, shame, fear, self sacrifice, martyrdom & persecution.  Which further connect into sub morphic fields of unworthiness, lack, anger & helplessness.  These energetic fields strongly affect your life as they are literally consciousness fields.  Full of illusions, thought forms & programs that are all in resonance with the over lighting emotion, belief or group that you hold or are part of.

Our beliefs affect our perceptions & judgements about ourselves.  Yet we have not only formed our own limiting beliefs.  We also carry over some from past lives, our ancestors & society to name a few.

So we judge ourselves & beat ourselves up often due to the beliefs of others (family, friends, society) and the energetic programming were streaming due to our connections into morphic fields.

Patterns of being a people pleaser or not being able to say no when you want to.  Often these patterns and fears are held deeply at soul level.  They relate to reoccurring lifetimes where you continued to dance the same dance of dysfunction.  Now you find yourself back playing the same dance to recognise the illusion, find your power, your voice & step out of the dance.

You at core hold the power to create or step out of these dynamics at anytime.

You can choose to stop & question why you are judging yourself.  Stop and ask yourself why you are saying yes when you want to say no…what are you scared of?

Whose beliefs are you carrying that are making you feel the need to judge yourself harshly?

What is the cost to you in carrying on the pattern in your life or holding onto that limiting belief?

The cost is high!  You keep your vibration & your potential at a lower set point as you continue the cycle of plugging back into the old paradigm of distorted feminine.  It keeps you playing small and it keeps you limited by the self made chains of fear & guilt.

Yet it’s truly all an illusion.  One you have a choice to heal & release yourself from.  If you choose to take the initiation of soul growth that is presenting itself to you.

The key here is to observe with detachment and dig into the root of what is playing out.  So you can release it, clear the root timeline, forgive yourself & elevate from the experience.

If you are wanting to go deeper in your healing.  Ready to release yourself from the role of victim & self persecutor.  Are willing to go to the root to clear the energetic timelines to free yourself!

Then you will be excited to hear that I have launched a new Twin Flame Online Healing Program.

This was designed to give you access to the healing I provide in my coaching sessions through pre recorded online healing videos.  Where I include lots of the topics and questions I regularly get asked in client sessions combined with energy healings.  The whole program including videos, mp3 energy clearings, pdf ebooks and workbooks can be accessed through the online members site.

These Include topics such as Dark night of the soul, addictions, energy hygiene, mother wound healing & the effects on abundance plus a morphic field clearing & manifestation!  It’s packed full of extra workbooks (including the 34 key root past lives to clear on the awakening journey- plus the Akashic records clearing to shift these, fear of intimacy pdf) & an awakening activation MP3.  Plus much more!

Take a look here…

Love and blessings!


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