Guest podcast: Adam Stansbury, The Plant Powered PT - Pure Light 1111

Guest podcast: Adam Stansbury, The Plant Powered PT

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I’m excited to share my first guest podcast with Adam Stansbury, The Plant Powered PT.

After my own journey through being vegetarian, vegan & paleo to now an intuitive approach.

I was delighted to connect with Adam to understand his viewpoint & journey.  From someone who is deeply on his spiritual path & is also holds deep understanding of nutrition, body building & is a qualified PT.

He is also the author of Plant Powered: Transform your body & our planet.  Available on Amazon:

Listen here:

If you would like to connect with Adam as he offers both in person & online fitness coaching.

Check him out here:

IG: @adsstanbury

Love & expansion

Allera x


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