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Goddess Sekhmet ceremony tonight!


Goddess Sekhmet offers the gift of transformation in our ceremony this evening!

Your beauty, inner power & strength is often marred by the swords you have turned against yourself dear souls.

I learnt my own way that destruction of self and others is not the path of highest alignment.

Leave the cosmic destruction of shadows amongst your societies to me.  It is not your role to feel the need to fight or battle for a better world through force & anger.

Many of you are holding enough of the wounds of retroflected anger already. Your scars are the illnesses & ailments you continue to battle with daily.

Anger holds power as a motivator for change.  A strength & flowing energy that allows you to move quickly from an experience of contrast that no longer serves you.

Yet women have never been shown to work with it as an aly.  Instead they have internalised it & allowed this stuck energy to slowly poison them from the inside out.

Know that your anger towards others binds them to you.  Ensuring you chase each other through lifetimes to resolve.  Creating more chaos & resentment.

You must learn that there is a initiation of self mastery awaiting you, if you choose.

Can you master your anger for inner power & transformation?  Can you walk through the flames of destruction?  Releasing the old way of being holding you trapped?

Can you align to the powerful stance of neutrality?  The key to detachment & elevation from anything which appears as an obstacle on your path.  As you must learn dear soul that what you focus on can but grow!

Can you open yourself to the power of Joy?  The excitement within you that amplifies your magick tenfold!  As you play with the current of play, you open up the channels of master manifestation!

I will take you on a journey through the temples of Egypt & you will be offered the opportunity for the emancipation your soul is desiring.

To step into your power & rise.

Goddess Sekhmet

If you are feeling a YES to attend – you are being called soul sister.

You have a soul connection to her lineage, her teachings & her wisdoms are encoded within you.

She has offered this magickal initiation & activation ceremony at this time of change on Earth.

Your presence is needed to hold the energies of the new reality we form through our collective feminine vortex in the Sovereign Sisterhood.

If you want to join us make sure you sign up here!


We go live at 7:30pm GMT/London time.

Thursday 30th April.

Allera x

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