Goddess Isis Temple of Evolution- Join us tonight! - Pure Light 1111

Goddess Isis Temple of Evolution- Join us tonight!


Gorgeous souls!

Wow! Todays Mastermind is immense! Just taken through the plans with my crew! ???

After the Soul Architecture work.  Goddess Isis will take you to the temple of Evolution. ?

There will an initiation into the lineage of the Sacred Heart Rose line.  An opportunity to release the old path & be supported by Divine Feminine Sisterhood at soul level even if this was not available to you before. ?

A stripping of the fears of persecution & judgement. No more victim, slave girl, waif or even hustler boss ‘’babe’’.  No more faking it till you make it.  No more b/s illusions to fit in with what others do or have.

You are here to carve a path not follow the path of your family, society, or what the media tells you!

This is a reigniting of the ancient flame of the priestess within you! ?

One who stands in her ‘’I am power’’ & serves through her own soul connection to allow joy to flow through her & to align to her desires!???❤️?????????❤️??

Woo hoo! I can’t wait????

Super excited to bring through this powerful transmission tonight! ?

I truly love my spiritual family & it opens my heart wider each time I am able to serve in a way that allows not only my own light to shine but truly helps the women that are ready rise!

This is soul talk beautiful sisters! ❤️❤️

Allera xx

You can join us here:


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