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Goddess Isis: Cosmic origins


Dear ones,

I step forth as Isis for this transmission.  A point I wish you to recall is that I was named the Goddess of 10,000 names as it was bit of a clue.

A clue to look behind the surface level & into soul.

To recognise that whatever & whoever stands in front of you is a sum of many parts scattered amongst the universes

A multi-dimensional soul of light who holds far more power than the storyline of suffering often claimed as truth on this Earth star.

A key to movement outside of suffering is to expand out past that narrative as Allera is guiding you.

For although I am woven through consciousness on this Earthly plane to assist you in remembering your power, magick & illumination through shadow journeys of reclamation & rebirth.

I am recalled as an Earthly idol or avatar.

Yet I am & was far more.  You see for your 3D consciousness to accept information they had to face something they saw as an assimilation of themselves.  Making it safe, acceptable & relatable.

The key was to remind you that all I hold is hidden within each being that connects with me.  Yet on the Earth star all your present consciousness could process was that I was separate & applied a form of patriarchal hierarchy.  I became a separate idol.

Your artists created images of angelic consciousness in the form of man as they could not fathom a true light beings frequency. Creating through the lens of separation yet each consciousness, virtue & power

Is housed by each soul!

Accessing your own origin is in part a route to elevate out of the separation operating model.

I bring the connection from the Sirian star group collective.  I was the bridge to translate your cosmic wisdom, codes & connection whilst you lived within the veil of the Earth star.

Just as your Christ avatar brought the consciousness of the Arcturian soul group.

No separation illusion.

Unity is to reconnect with all that you know & deeply understand & hold that whilst on the Earth star.

This cosmic connection isn’t new but it requires your attention now.  You are not separate from the stars & universal planets & collectives.  They are seeded in your soul & your dna.

Just as I am no separate from the Sisterhood of Light that Allera channels.  As a collective we bring forth more of the consciousness to elevate & free you from the unseen entanglements. Not as you are victims or require rescuing.

No, this is the initiation of self-leadership, self-illumination & self-emancipation from the Earthly tribal & ancestral norms which keep you trapped by the illusion & blocked from embodying the soul gifts you agreed to seed whilst here.

This means you embody & integrate it & create lives as you choose not by the old default templates of societies that remain in veils.

Money has experienced its own illusion of consciousness & is seen as the force blocking your desires.  We wish to work with you to access a completely new paradigm of money & reconnect you with your cosmic origin to step out of the illusion trap & into the paradigm of Co-creation.

It is now time to end the initiation of separation.

Blessings & illumination to all

Goddess Isis & Allera



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