Go get a cuppa & watch today’s FB live- Aligning to your desires - Pure Light 1111

Go get a cuppa & watch today’s FB live- Aligning to your desires


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I know life gets busy.

So much so it can easily mutate into a 24 hour to do list!

Yet I know inside you not only desire something more fulfilling than this.  You deserve it BUT DON’T PRIORITISE IT!

I’m pretty sure no one educated you on the magnetic presence of your soul & how the ebb and flow of your emotions are energetically charged commands to the quantum field!

Yes, that’s right ladies – You are MAGICK in physical form!

As you’ll know I am very much in flow with source creation bringing through what’s needed & I then birth it out to the world!

It’s been a path I entered many years ago and I have mastered this art!

The one of BEING the Divine Vessel for what source is wanting to express ON MY TERMS!

I’ve not sacrificed my life, body or time on this planet!  I choose how & when I EXPRESS!

I never channel, share information, write, try to create or work- When I don’t FEEL like doing so!

I’m sharing this as it’s a big loud booming REMINDER to…

A- Step up, listen to the guidance and start doing something with the ideas being sent to you daily! Hint- the teams are getting tired of knocking at the door all day!

B- Focus on FEELING good!  This means you are in a state where source, your soul & spiritual teams can connect with you easily & the quantum field just can’t help but send lots of amazing stuff your way (your a magnet)!

C- Follow steps A & B.
If you want to make more money.  Listen to the ideas and take the aligned action!  If you feel good it’s the window to create, launch a new product, share your wisdom & generally get out there and promote your magnetic self with the world!

Watch today’s FB live where I share more!


I’ll also be running a new Mastermind session on 23rd July!!!

We will be completely transforming & reprogramming the
Blocks to ‘I Can’ architecture!

Imagine what needs to be removed to fully embody that deep seated core programming that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Super powerful, psychic surgery, conscious learning & soul architecture healing is what I am bringing through in the mastermind to transform this HUGE CORE LIMITER!

Plus I’ll follow with an integration session a few days later for the mastermind group! As I want you to uplevel rapidly & start living from a place of joy NOW!

Limited spots – so email me on corlight11@outlook.com to get on the pre launch list!

Allera xx

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