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Get out of your own way!


Get out of your own way!

Trust, leap & know you are moving into expansive new planes!

To expand our consciousness rapidly means we will constantly become aware of our physical routines, habits & ways of living expiring at rapid speeds!

This is a time where we not only clean up the energies of past lives

We are living multiple lives in one this time round

Short episodes & seasons not stagnant lives

To embrace this new faster pace of soul evolution will deepen your connection to god, source, universe

For the more you integrate all fragments of self

The more soul essence you embody

The more power you have to anchor source intelligence through you

You are a divine tool for source & you have also been given a steering wheel to allow co-creation in this adventure

Earth is running two parallel timelines & this is being created & constructed by those who desire to keep human consciousness aligned to struggle. To be energetic servants to a reality that has made us believe love, god, happiness & everything is separate & outside of us.

These systems are being dismantled but only as rapidly as people wake up & free themselves from that narrative, reject it & choose to align to soul & source higher wisdom

To believe miracles are our nature

To understand our spiritual nature & interconnectedness

To reject any narrative, story or believe (including any spiritual teaching) that has you thinking you aren’t whole & worthy!

To know abundance is infinite when we step further & further out of the artificial lower timeline

We have to save & rescue ourselves

No waiting- starts with us

Starts with the desire to break free from the oppression of b/S were poisoned with daily through society, media, education & control systems.

You were made for more!

You deserve more

It’s closer than you think

Yet it requires a complete review…looking at all parts of your life thats mis-aligned to your true souls desires

Then your determination & commitment to do what it takes to free yourself…the biggest declaration of self love & personal integrity going

None of us are victims

If we choose inaction we are accepting the crumbs

If we continue with the ‘I can’t narrative’ we stick with our own self sabotage & b/S

You are the common denominator in your experiences!  So you have the power to alchemise what doesn’t light you up!

The next round of Soul Architect Series: Made for more – starts 10th Jan 22

This is a 6 week immersion where we start with a life audit…all areas! No stones unturned!

We work through Health, relationships, money, visibility/business & soul purpose!

Strategy, tangible actions, mindset, deep soul work & the matrix recalibration to shift the blocks in each life area.

No drama, no chaos, no blind spots left unseen, no self avoidance or quitting.  We do this with grace!

This is a powerful container & a full declaration & acceleration in aligning to the highest soul timeline!

Expect to release soul contracts that are keeping you serving at lower levels, to misaligned clients & maybe even in completely different industries!

Also to note we will also disconnect from lineage distortion keeping you from not breaking free from the limits & stories they hold!

Just because our ancestry didn’t go big, experience deep soul love, was addicted to their stories & perceived limitations doesn’t mean you have to carry that sh*t for them!

Your soul wants you to go big!

Soul purpose = God/source purpose

Short time here on this Earthly plane!

If you want to join us…check out the link here (DM me payment plan details)!

Allera xx

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