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Galactic Council Of Money: Time to choose to stop creating from karmic contracts & the past


Greetings Gorgeous Souls,

Great change is upon us all

We wish for you to be ahead of the game

For this is a time for you to get clear on your desires

Then expand on them

Add extra ingredients to make a bigger cake

One that can sustain many not few

So many women we witness decide to only play within the range of the near future so their vision is restricted to that view

So they never expand to call in the abundance they desire

The key is to claim the expanded vision.  The message from your soul is the inspiration

It is from there that we can start to assist in aligning the flow of amplified abundance to make the dream a reality!

How could you expand your vision past the next 6 months to 12 months & then again out to 24months?

How would it feel to bend time & receive like for like support? Each step you take is matched by one of your dedicated energetic teams?

Why can’t you play by rules that you set?

Why must life work in a linear fashion?

Why does growth need to be slow?

The answer is none of these are definitive

Unless you believe them & choose them to be your operating model.

The world as you know it is going through radical change & the next 20 years will be the greatest acceleration in consciousness since your Lemurian to Atlantean epoch.  Ideas are being flooded through the 4D channels to be birthed.

Are you ready to BE the change? Trust the sparks that are being downloaded in you & birth the visions in an expanded fashion? With support & speed?

Then join us!  Your first activation is available today & within 48hours you are brought to the chamber – a powerful remote vortex session to realign you to your upgraded soul purpose (from a place of wholeness with source, soul & the Galactic Council of Money)!

You always were whole!  It’s now time to start a new initiation.  To create at the higher level viewpoint (not from past projections)!

No vision boards or affirmations needed!

Your clarity to claim what you desire in the physical, energy set point & collaboration with soul, source & teams directs the ship!  Not karmic load or the old way of learning through soul contracts (all of which are optional not mandatory)!

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