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Freedom to do what is important without restraint


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Financial freedom & running a soul led business created on my terms allowed me to focus on the actual important things to me when most needed.

It’s allowed me to be fully PRESENT!

Not just in the moment but arranging my weeks to exactly what was needed & changing when I chose.

In the past 5 weeks I have made huge intentional changes in my life (moved from London to the countryside during lockdown & pandemic).

I also had a swerve ball thrown too where I had to navigate the need to provide palative care & hold the honourable role through the death portal & now the grieving & adjustment process that follows.

I know if I had still been working in finance I would not have had this luxury.  Time to process & create a closure that was desired.

I would have been locked working for someone else 9 hours a day & failing at that whilst my mind & heart was with a dying loved one.

It’s not escaped me that things could & would have been very different for me had I not gone all in & decided I wanted to live a different life.  One that gave me time, money & creative freedom.

I delved deep into all the fears and layers that arose at leaving the banking system which had also served as a family unit since I cut my own biological family out age 18.

Yet I knew that above all else at core.  We’re here to love, enjoy & appreciate each moment.  I know within that system I could not fulfil that. As many of you may still be feeling now.

Life is short & swerve balls do happen.

Make the choice to face the fears your using to block that next up level, the freedom to work less & be with your kids more & do something that truly makes a difference.

I know for years I thought I couldn’t earn more than I did in my Finance role as statistically we were the top earners in the country.  So I stayed!  Missing out on many experiences as so much of my energy was poured into the dreams of another.  It closed the spontaneous opportunities I saw my self employed friends have. I was always tied & locked into 25 days holiday which were also restricted by a manager.

Yet it was all my own B/S!

I made money the reason why I had to stay in a system!  I feared leaving as I didn’t think I would be supported.

All complete B/S!

I now work a fraction of what I used to and only when I feel inspired to & I earned multiple of my finance 6 figure salary during a pandemic in 2020!

My ‘why’ was bigger than my fears.

I desired more freedom & I did all I could to face my money shadow.

It’s given me many gifts but my presence for a dying loved one is to date the most important for my heart & soul.

2021 is time to step up and go for what you desire.

We start on 8th March

Click below to join!

DM regarding payment plan availability

Allera xx

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