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Free Pleidian Crop Circle Transmission


Hey Gorgeous souls,

As you will know from my posts I have been divinely guided across the U.K. over the past few months.

It’s been such a powerful & rewarding experience as I see that it’s a huge sign of the big reset we’re experiencing.

Part of this reset is the mass collective consciousness acknowledging the once unseen has been there all along & that it will start a journey to question & dismantle all that has formed the identity they believed was ALL of them.

In truth you are multi dimensional & parts of your soul hold experiences & wisdom at different consciousness levels which can benefit you.

At any one time you are influenced by what the other three closest aspects of your monad are doing!  Meaning you are always a ‘we’ not an ‘I’ consciousness.

Which is a reflection of what we are all in connection to every person on this planet & being off this planet!

I am taking women through the Atlantean Priestess Immersion & already ‘we’ consciousness is a theme.  As they are now connected with their off world soul group teams to start opening them as wisdom channels! Very exciting they choose to face the shadows & be pioneers.

On a recent trip to Avebury the Pleidians created a crop circle. I returned a couple of days later to receive the transmission & share with you how to utilise it.

If you would like to receive the Light language message, how to integrate the gift they are providing into your bio hologram & receive the message from them…

Click here and download

Make sure to share this & spread the love!

Allera xx

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