Free Overwhelm to Empowered Soul Activation- Download here & join the 4 day challenge too! - Pure Light 1111

Free Overwhelm to Empowered Soul Activation- Download here & join the 4 day challenge too!


Are you a spiritually conscious woman, mother to awakened children, healer, coach, therapist or soulpreneur? Are your gifts as an empath or highly sensitive person leading you to overwhelm & burn out?

Are you noticing the domino effect on all areas of your life when your own vital energy force is drained, off balance or going through an intense upgrade?

Have you noticed that in this state it’s hard to manifest consistently, attract aligned clients who you want to work with & the flow of money either stops or switches to you needing to pay lots out due to emergency repairs or technology breakdowns!

Do you notice the ripple affect in the home with your children and partner? Hyperactive children or situations where they won’t sleep properly & may even report nightmares!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others in your client sessions or group classes? Often feeling drained afterwards & notice unexplained illness appears (especially connected to the Womb space & reproductive area )?

Do you find yourself often ungrounded or dizzy feeling after client therapy/coaching sessions or even after spending time with friends or family?

I’m an Intuitive Healing Coach. I help empower women to overcome, heal & transform from their pasts so they can take back their power & create soul aligned lives & businesses.

Our energy is our essence & I want to share this tool to help you start to master it. Pull your power back from people, situations & the odd energy vampire!

I want to help you feel empowered that you can quickly reset from overwhelm & step into the future highest version of you by doing so!

Download the new Free Overwhelm to Empowered Soul Activation & Quantum healing meditation here:

Also click to join the 4 Day Overwhelm to Empowered Energy Upgrade Challenge starting the 8th Jan!

Over the 4 days we will cover:

  • The power of daily energy hygiene
  • Beliefs create your reality
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • Your vibe and your business
  • Videos & support material delivered to you daily!

Including 2 free healing sessions!!

Come be a part of my Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur group here where I will be sharing more info on the challenge!



Allera x

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