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Forgiveness is the key to self love


I’m being shown that many who have been tied to karmic relationships are ready to let those final tethers be released.  They can see new horizons in the future and their soul is pushing them to learn a vital soul lesson of forgiveness.

The karmic debts have been paid.  The lessons learnt, however the lifetimes of not learning the virtue of forgiveness keeps them trapped in karmic loops with these souls, way past their original obligations.

If you can imagine resentment as a black thick rope that wraps tightly around you and whoever you hold those emotions towards.  You can see how you’ve both become cocooned in a self made dungeon!  The more struggle, the more resistance to forgive, the tighter the binding.  This relates to many stories, many lifetimes, many battles and injuries.  This is why we attract these souls into our lives, to clear the karmic debt and learn the lessons. Unfortunately with so much dense energetic baggage between the pair they forget the task at hand and slip back into reloading the karmic piggy bank.

If we can look at this from an energetic perspective, guilt, shame, blame, resentment and grudges are heavy dense energy.  Holding onto this takes a lot of your life force energy.  Taking it away from creating the positive things you want to manifest. It also creates an imprint in your energy field. So as long as you hold onto it, you continue to attract people and situations to repeat the same patterns that match the same resentments and grudges.  It’s a no win situation.  You truly have the key to free yourself from your own cage.

Not being able to forgive is at the heart of holding onto this energy.  This includes not forgiving yourself for your actions.  It means you’re actually hurting and abusing yourself..  Limiting your potential to shine.  Keeping you tied to the toxic situations and relationships.

Not being able to forgive is a block to self love.  Why would you choose to hold onto this pain and heaviness, if you loved yourself?

Without being able to love yourself, you keep yourself in constant misalignment with the outer reflection of your inner self- Twin Flame or Soul mate.  They in their love for you will offer to show you the lesson of forgiveness till you learn it yourself and free yourself from your own cage.

There’s a lot of confusion about forgiveness.  Forgiveness free’s you.  It’s your key to inner peace..  It releases the pain and anger no matter how long it’s clogged your heart.  To forgive empowers you to open your heart to love again.  Starting with loving yourself.

Forgiveness isn’t about the other person.  It’s loving you enough to free yourself from the connection to those who have hurt us.  It free’s you from the self punishment you’ve dished out to yourself for hurting others.

It’s not condoning what someone did to hurt you.  It’s not giving someone access to your life or into your inner trusted circle of friends.  You don’t have to start liking that person or even have anything to do with them again.  This is about releasing the negative energy and the bind that keeps you connected in such an unhealthy way.  It releases you both to move on with your lives.

Consider this next time someone hurts you.  Where do you feel it in your body?  How has it impacted your energy and how has it affected your heart?  I will feel my heart is blocked when I experience this energy.  I never hold onto it.  I will take the time to do a forgiveness clearing to release both them and I from this negativity as I’m not prepared to have it in my field.  The cost is too high to hold onto it.  I forgive and release the pain.  My whole body readjusts and calmness is restored.  I am reconnected fully with my heart again.

We are called to forgive time and time again on the Twin Flame Journey.  It’s part of our soul growth.  It might not be something that you can do immediately but may take small steps over a period of time.  It will get to a point that it hurts and is too exhausting to hold onto the pain.  Forgiving and letting it go becomes the most natural step for closure.  Do this when you feel ready to.  It can’t be forced.

If you would like more information about forgiveness on the Twin Flame journey.  I have included a section within the Twin Flame Healing Program.  This also includes a meditation where I take you into the Akashic records to perform a forgiveness and binding release clearing.  Allowing you to free yourself and your energy to move forwards.

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