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Forbes Magazine: Ideas are your currency!


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

So, this is a morning Soul Message!

Yep!  Loud & clear message here!

Your ideas are YOUR currency!

Let’s unpack this & take it to a whole other level!

One of the most common things people say to me is that they admire my ability to pivot & constantly be creating new opportunities, ideas & money!

Once I did the deeper work & got fully tuned in & aligned my channel of light…I am literally a creatrix of ideas!

I then have my Business team…The Galactic Council of Money & many others!  All vested in me succeeding whilst sharing my magick on the Earth star!

So I open the channel get the download & then I’ll tap into each timeline of potential for the one that feels most expansive.  I’ll check with my business teams of light as they bring a birds eye perspective & then I move forwards!

Which means I take the action there and then. I never wait.  Clear action & clean energy!

As I do this regularly there is naturally momentum.  Which creates flow & less need to keep moving the dial.  Which is needed initially & then it’s off on its own trajectory & my teams are doing work behind the scenes.  Yes – they are assigned to me to assist in my success!

So the message from Forbes is that you are already wealthy beyond belief!

You hold the next great idea, innovative invention or solution!

So accessing your own channel of light is an early bird reminder! A leading edge skill to master!  So get started if you haven’t!

You see being aligned to soul & your teams will free you from feeling stuck!

Ideas are just creative energy!

Just as money is a energetic life force too!

If you are feeling blocked, stuck or fearing taking the next big leap!

Let’s have a chat & expand the viewpoint & shift the energetics!  Your success is deeply connected to ALL of humanities success (happiness, freedom, wealth & abundance)!  So there’s teams who would be delighted to assist!

121 sessions are now open in the calendar!

Allera x

The Modern Day High Priestess

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