Feeling ‘under attack’? Read here… - Pure Light 1111

Feeling ‘under attack’? Read here…


Go deeper

The first initiation is to recognise the interconnectedness between the spiritual & physical plane

The lowest level of consciousness resides in the physical yet the delusion of humanity is that we have believed we know it all!

Part 1 – identifying that trap & going deeper

Part 2- Understanding that the human in front of you is not a reflection of what their soul is presenting as or choosing to be on the spiritual planes.  Never take ANYTHING at surface level

Part 3 – Just because someone is nice to your face & playing a role in society that appears on the surface that is for the greater good.  All may not be as it appears- smoke & mirrors is in operation Globally!

Part 4 – Identifying that when someone is triggered or is part of a soul mission/group/collective or organisation that is taking energy from environment or others instead of source.  They will be connecting to others including you & often create spiritual attack on astral planes.

Part 5 – Know that you may have connections to them at soul level & may also have worked with them in other timelines or through your ancestral level.  So they can easily connect to you or create psychic attack.

Part 6 – Once you identify the trespass it’s all very well clearing that kick back but the next step is the actual initiation…

They only have access to you on ANY plane because you are in resonance and allowed it!

So the actual deep shadow hunting is next!

If you are finding yourself constantly under ‘attack’ and clearing this stuff it’s because you need to do the shadow piece (the access point)!

The invitation for instant access now is here…

Direct online access to a powerful mastermind I created last year!

Time to step up & face the shadows that hold you back ?



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