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Feeling stuck? Ready to change that today?


Do you want to change your life…Today?



The All Rise Conscious Collective: Rebels & Priestesses Membership

Is a membership & community to support you in embodying & creating a soul aligned life.

One that means experiencing the beauty, joy, abundance & vastness of the human experience whilst being deeply connected to soul.

As a member, each month you will have access to spiritual & grounded practical teachings, equilibrium tools, rituals, channeled messages, soul clearings, sound prescriptions lifestyle updates & more

Also included is an invitation to Allen’s live ceremonies with Allera Dawn which support the monthly cycle of vibrational upgrades & integration

You also gain access to the private All Rise Conscious Collective: Rebels & Priestesses Membership Groio- A supportive community of women who are choosing to be the change in their lives & weaving their spiritual wisdom into their day to day experience

Soul sisters now is the time for you to hear the call of your universal soul lineage to rise

No longer are we bound to illusions of separation within us.  We are whole & placed here at this time to create new lives birthed through the merge of soul & our human consciousness

No longer settling for the narrative of only existing & aligning to struggle

We choose to thrive!

1: Access to the Private Community.  Connection to amazing, like minded members who are rising alongside you, supporting you each step of the way

2: Invitation to join Live Group Activation Sessions each month with Allera Dawn

3: Access to the monthly channelled guidance for the community assisting in unlocking blind spots & raising frequency.

4: Access to the membership site which houses powerful healing tools, video, activations, meditations and workbooks to support your journey of Feminine Empowerment

Sections include:

  • The Quantum Classroom – Masterclasses
  • Soul Growth & inner alchemy
  • Energy Equilibrium Toolkit
  • Lifestyle & wellness
  • The Priestess Upgrade Ceremonies
  • Money & Divine Wealth
  • Self Love & Relationships
  • Group Channelled Guidance

Join & get full access!  Introductory offer £88/month (you can unsubscribe at any time)


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