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Fear of the Creator = Fear of Twin Flame Union!


I have previously mentioned I’m being guided to give some colour to help the Twin Flame collective presently.

This download came today as it’s important this is integrated. In the coming few weeks many shifts and changes in people’s lives will be occurring. For some this would have previously caused the process of blaming god or themselves as the reason for upheavals. I am being told this time you must step away from that way of thinking and start to uphold and embody the higher soul perspective. All changes are divinely guided and all souls affected are aware. These changes are for the highest soul good of all.

There is a lot of fear arising for both the Divine Feminine and Masculine. At root it’s about accepting their own divinity!

To acknowledge your own divinity, your own inner divine connection to the creator. Rapidly pulls the last layer of the veil from your eyes. One of the final pieces of this mystery puzzle is revealed. To accept your own divinity means you can not only see the god/goddess self within, it means you can finally see the truth in this connection. It’s creator orchestrated, led by our souls. A connection bringing you back to wholeness within and reconnection with god. To accept this allows you to finally see the divinity in your Twin Flame counterpart! Accept the light you see in them is also the light within yourself! They saw your inner light whilst you hid in your inner pain and darkness. They acted as the guide and beacon guiding you back to source.

To see the god/goddess within opens us up to unity consciousness. Meaning we are all one, it allows us to see the truth in the hearts and souls of others. We can see they too are all divine aspects of the creator hiding under veils of illusion and amnesia of who they truly are! Quite mind blowing given that we’ve been raised on a diet of fear, separation and judgement! The soul is pushing for this for those who are ready!

There’s a lot of fears arising and some are being constantly triggered when reconnecting with their Twin Flame. For many they are unable to fathom the root but can’t ignore the shock wave that runs through them causing them to retreat at this time.

I’m being shown as many are close to reuniting in the physical there are deeper layers being brought up to assist the pair to heal. A lot of fears about their Twin dying or something bad happening when they unite are arising. Trauma and guilt energies from past lives and in particular the first incarnation are coming to the surface.

For some souls the original separation from each other and the creator to lower their vibration and incarnate on earth created a deep soul shock wound. In some cases souls would die as soon as they were born. The transition was too traumatic for the soul.

For others this deep inner unknown wound sat silent till union came close. Arising from no where. I experienced this with my own Twin Flame. He would become very triggered by me and this panic and anxiety would take him straight into dark night of the soul. When he reacted in this way it would run through my own body. All the fear at times made me feel like I was having an anxiety attack. Once I realised the root. I was able to always quickly take us out of Dark Night of the soul straight away and everything became calm once more. However the underlying wound remained silent till next time.

This deep wound led the souls to hold some of the following beliefs:

  • I am being punished by god
  • God has taken my Twin Flame from me as I am unworthy of them and I must have done something deeply wrong
  • God is judging me for my sins and I am being punished for my actions
  • I have been abandoned by god and am not worthy of his love
  • I have been rejected/abandoned by my Twin Flame
  • God is an abuser
  • I will hurt my Twin Flame if we reunite
  • I am not worthy of the love of God
  • I am not worthy of the love of my Twin Flame
  • I will die if I reunite with my Twin Flame
  • My Twin Flame will die if we reunite
  • I am suffering for my sins against god
  • Something bad will happen if I reunite with my Twin Flame

All of these fears, trauma and beliefs are causing the re triggering of this deep wound for many. To love and reconnect with our Twin Flame, means to reconnect with the creator. If you believe god is an abuser and you’re being punished for something innately bad about you at core. Then of course you are going to have deep seated irrational fears when it comes to Twin Flame union.

Something many may also not be aware of is that as a child our little minds will have put our parents into the context of god. At that age our parents literally would have been hugely powerful over whether we thrived or died.

So if you grew up in a home where your father was strict, controlling, abusive and love was scarce or mother was cold, distant and withheld love. You will have taken on the beliefs that god had those traits too. Compounding the wounding and projections against the creator and your Twin Flame.

As children, to be able to survive abusive or confusing situations we often split our views and end up with dual beliefs around a parent. Creating good mother and bad mother. This will also be seen with subconscious beliefs around the creator. All connected to the illusion of conditional love.

Just as we all have inner aspects of Divine Feminine and Masculine. The creator also has Divine mother and divine father aspects we must integrate and heal to be able to accept our own divinity.

Some beliefs to observe.

  • Creator is cold and unloving
  • The creator will never forgive me for the bad choices I have made in my life
  • I will never be accepted by the creator as I’m impure
  • I will never be accepted by my Twin Flame just for who I am
  • The creator will judge me for how I have led my life
  • I have betrayed the creator
  • I have betrayed my Twin Flame

Something else I am being shown is coming up for healing. Is that for some during their lives, a parent, child or soulmate died. On some level one of the Twin Flames has taken that onboard as a fault of their own. They are holding the guilt and blame energies. A belief that it was their wrong doing or that god was punishing them in some way. I am being told to relay this is not the case. We all choose our own exit plans at soul level. Often even a murder or accident will have roots in karma being played out.

When I first met my Twin Flame, he said he was scared I would die or that he would lose me. That I would be taken from him. I didn’t understand this at the time. However once I cleared past lives I was shown the pattern where others had interfered and kept us apart. So much so we believed it was each other choosing to stay apart causing us to constantly recreate a pattern of fear of being unworthy of their love, rejection and being abandoned by each other. Often in each lifetime others interference resulted in one of us being killed. He had blamed himself and god time and time again. That fear was already simmering in our first meeting in this lifetime!

The truth is the creator is unconditional love. No judgement. No punishment. No abuse. No retaliation for actions. What we do in our lives is completely down to how we decide to express ourselves as souls. So say we make choices to live lives which are abusive to ourselves or others. We have made a decision to experience ourselves as disconnected from our own true essence- our creator selves. Does that mean we are innately bad? No. That is just the society and religious programming affecting our views.

For many going through awakening they have tough lives and experiences including abuse, neglect and trauma. This will have led to ways of coping which might not have been the healthiest (numbing through drugs, sex, food, escapism). Does this mean these people aren’t loveable or that they deserve to be punished and god is judging them? Not at all. It’s all part of the journey and we are all carrying wounds and scar tissue from our battles. Taking us back to our inner truth as souls. We are all worthy and deserving of unconditional love.

To allow ourselves to receive the unconditional love of the creator and our Twin Flame we have to be able to love ourselves unconditionally. Warts and all! Knowing we have made mistakes and hurt ourselves and others along the way but we are still learning. At the core of ourselves we know we are love and we deserve love without conditions!

If you would like to work through healing these deeper wounds take a look at the Twin Flame Healing Program here (£150)

For those following it already do the following.

  • Muscle test the above beliefs from this blog post to see if you have them and write down a note of which ones you tested yes for.
  • Use the Past life road block PDF and meditation MP3. This will require a few sessions. Ask to go to the lifetimes that is causing the following:
    • Original separation from source/Twin Flame
    • Go to the root lifetime that is causing the block to Twin Flame Reunion at this time in relation to accepting your divinity and that of your Twin Flame.
    • Go to the lifetime that is the root of the anxiety/fear being triggered when you think about it connect with your Twin Flame (it will heal and release the trauma/energy so you won’t be triggered anymore).

When you heal and clear the root lifetime the incident occurred it clears every other lifetime where the pattern repeated itself!

Also the soul is multidimensional. So it will often still believe the traumatic event is happening! So these healings are fully resolved and competed at Soul level.

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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